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Bliscent cake Frosting Lip Scrub

Mommy say’s,”For Winter keep a stock of your favourite lip balm or moisturizer”. Is that enough?  No….! Proper exfoliation routine is also must.

During winter’s lips tend to get dry up easily. They crack and give a chappy look. To avoid such painful cracis and further pigmentations, it is must to exfoliate the dead cells accumulated over lips. Lip scrubs not only removes the dead cells but also improves the texture, making it baby soft.

(Pls excuse the label my Lil toddler did this)

Well, I choose the Bliscent’s Cake frosting Lip Scrub. By now you might have seen products from the brand quite alot on my insta stories.  Bliscent is an amazing brand which delivers handcrafted body luxuries in affordable price.

Product Claims :

Polish away dry and chapped lips with this fine sugar based lip scrub and say hello to baby soft lips.

Price :

200rps for 10 gms. Buy your’s from

Ingredients :


The soft sugar crystal comes in a tub plastic jar with screw cap. The Container comes with an inner lid which makes it spill proof and definitely its a travel friendly package. All the details regarding the ingredients, usage and about the brand is on the package.

My Experience :

I take a pea size of the Scrub and rub gently on my lips. Though the directions recommend to wash it after scrubbing,  I prefer to wipe it with a wet cloth or soft cotton towel.

The scrub is very soft but you can feel the tiny sugar crystals. The bees wax and shea butter give the scrub a soft base. Post rubbing the sugar starts to dissolve.

The fragrance of the scrub is so pleasing like cake icing more of sugar and fresh cream.

The Scrub softens the lips and makes it smooth. But it doesn’t remove the dead cells completely in one go. It works more as a polish. It makes the lip smooth and also softens the remaining cells. It doesn’t work much on pigmentation. After consistent use it may lighten the marks but might not remove it completely.

It also moisturises lips but you will need a good moisturiser or lip balm as after an hour or two it will make your lips go dry.

Overall its a worthy, cruelty free , chemical free and budget friendly product…. You should try it sometime.

So for this winter I’m with Bliscent Cake frosting lip scrub, which is your favorite..? Do let me know in the comment section…..

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  1. Lip scrubs are quite essential for lip care. Product buildup can be removed easily with a lip scrub. Thanks for the lovely review. It is a nice lip scrub.

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