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Tvakh lip plumer

Winter is here and I’m sure you don’t wanna show your dry and flaky lips. Who says no to extra nourished and hydrated lips ? What if it has a little added colour ? Then definitely its an amazing product. Yes..! I’m talking about Tvakh Ce-Namon Lip Plumper.

I received this in my October Fabbag. Though Dark pink in colour when applied on lips it gives a natural lip colour. I loved this because I always prefer tinted lip balms over my regular lipsticks. The Lip balm smells more of cinnamon, i know its weird but it wouldn’t harm sensitive nose.

This Magic Potion comes in a plastic tub like package with a pink coloured screw cap. All the details regarding the product ingredients, benefits usage and expiry date are on the package. The sturdy package is travel friendly too.

The Product is named after the key ingredient cinnamon. The product I received was 6 gms and retails for 225 rps. Well it’s a decent price and would really last for long time and you don’t have to worry as this can be used upto 24 months from manufacturing date. You can order yours from

I take generous amount of lip plumper and apply it on my lips and I re-apply when ever it’s necessary. With the goodness of beeswax, olive oil, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Cinnamon oil, it moisturises lips pretty well and gives it a smooth and plumpy texture. Another advantage of this product is that it has spf 4.

The Lip Plumper is creamy and smooth in texture. It makes all the rough tissues very soft and smooth. It keeps the lips well hydrated and nourished for more that 4hrs. Sadly apart from nourishment and hydration it doesn’t help much for the pigmented lips. Since its tinted, lip plumper can hide or blurr your pigmentations upto a certain level.

Overall, its a decent natural, paraben free, free from petroleum oil, a worthy organic li product. And its perfect for daily use.

So for this winter nourish your lips with Tvakh Ce-namon Lip Plumper…. And give a broad Smile………….If You enjoyed reading my post do Like and share it in social media…and subscribe to my blog too…… For regular updates do follow me on Instagram

                     ” Enjoy Your Winter”



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