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Mini Pedicure Session Ft. Bliscent Foot Soak

Knock ! knock ! whose there ? It’s me WINTER…….Not again !πŸ˜’πŸ˜±πŸ˜•

Every year when my heart sings jingle bell…, but my feet cry’s out loud with pain. Yes ! It’s seasonal fact that winter is here so you have to get your best moisturiser or crack heal cream for your feet. Even though this happens every year, I fail to take precautions against those flaky cells and cracked heels. But this year thanks to bliscent, I got their peppermint foot soak.



Why a foot soak ? After long days run, Your feet which bears all your stress also requires your attention. So spare 10-15 minutes for this process and scrub away the dead cells once in a week using a foot scraper or pumice stone. Put some foot soak in warm water and immerse your leg till the water cools down. As soon as you put the soak into the water you’ll get the strong fragrance of peppermint oil. It was so strong and refreshing.

The foot soak is aqua green crystals and smells of peppermint oil. Each pack contains 100 gms and retails for 250 rps. You can buy these from



The Peppermint oil and Epsom salt calms stress level and anxiety. It would give a soothing sensation to the feet. It also softens the flaky cracked cells and thus can be easily scrubbed away. Moisturise with your favourite or you can also use crack cream. And with this your mimi pedicure session comes to an end.

This is how I pamper my Feet once in a while…..What’s your way to pamper your feet ? do share in the comment section. I hope you liked the post, if so do share in social media and for recent updates follow me on Instagram.



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