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Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless lotion

As winter’s are commencing,  I thought to write more on winter skin care products. One such is the daily moisturiser. Winter winds are really strong and harsh and it makes skin go dry and rough. I’m sure you don’t want your cracked skin to be seen by others. So one solid solution is to use a moisturiser,  which stands for longer duration.

Now its been three weeks since I have started using it. Bangalore winds really make my skin go dry and rough. And Biotique morning nectar visibly flawless skin moisturiser really helps allot.

What Biotique Claims ?

Ingredients :

Price :

285 rps for 190ml.

Package :

The lotion comes in a plastic cylindrical squeeze bottle with nozzle and a screw thread cap. The plastic bottle is sturdy and thick. Leak proof feature makes it travel friendly too.

How I use?

Initially I started with it on my cleansed face. I take a pea size of product and spread evenly on my face. I also use it on my hands and legs.


The lotion is little thick in consistency and very soft. It absorbs easily with gentle strokes of massage.

Color and Fragrance :

The lotion is white coloured and  has a strong pleasing floral scent.

My Experience :

I used this lotion on my cleansed face for a week. My skin being oily, looked more oily and look dull after one hour of application. After consistent use for about a week, I felt this might trigger acne as it made me look oil and greasy. Though it was easily absorbing I didn’t find it much helpful.

So I started using it for hands and legs instead of my regular moisturiser.  Surprisingly it really worked well. It made my skin look shiny, soft and smooth in texture. My skin was moisturised for quite a longer duration. But the shine and softness lasted for whole day.

My Verdict :

Though it didn’t help me much for face but it worked a good body lotion for me. I love such moisturiser which provides moisture for longer duration.  I can’t comment on anti – ageing property as it don’t have any signs of ageing.

This moisturiser would help out a person with normal – dry skin but a big ‘no’ for oily skin people.

You can buy this from Nykaa, Amazon and is also available at most of the leading super markets.

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24 thoughts on “Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless lotion

  1. I am using biotique honey face gel wash from past many years and i just love this product. Come to know about another great product of biotique as a morning nector. It looks awesome and best for winters. Will try this one also. Like your review.

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