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Story Of My Wedding Saree

Wedding is a word which unites two souls into one. And every single thing related to wedding is precious and memorable. And as a bride we dream out of bounds when it’s about wedding attire. We plan a lot of things design, material , print ,colour and  Ya !  the best shop in town.
I got married on 29 December 2014. My wedding date was decided nearly 10 months prior to wedding. But people start wedding shopping only one or two months prior. We had the same plan. I had planned so many things as far as my wedding shopping was concerned.


My first step was to finalise bridal boutique for my Gown. So I  planned a trip to “Tuticorin”, well it’s a place near Tirunelveli district and it’s best place for bridal gown and accessories. And I always wanted a ceylon tailor to stitch my gown. But that day my grandfather fell ill and he was getting worse so we dropped the plan.

Though being a catholic person my father believes in omens, time and all. At times it irks me allot. By end of October there was no improvement in my grandfather’s health and all of a sudden in next 15 days , he left us. And now my family was in a dilemma whether to postpone the wedding or not. And after all these pain, we planned to leave all the dark days behind and wedding was to be held as planned. I’m sure grandpa also wanted it to be like that.

So Next was wedding shopping. Due to lack of time no one was ready to take my wedding gown order and elders of my family were not allowing me to go anywhere like either to chennai or Bangalore. My Husband had no idea of how to help me out. Somehow through one of my relative i found a stupid lady who showed a very good impression but at last moment ditched me with the material and design. But then i prayed to god that it should’n be worser than this. Since  i wasn’t much satisfied with the gown, and everyone at home where trying to please me by giving their positive opinions. Actually thats what they where supposed to do. The Bridal gown costed me 15k + 5k for veil and all other accessories. I opted for a budget friendly gown as i know after my wedding day i would never get a chance to use it. So it’s gonna be a memory forever.


And Now jewellery i had to buy a “jhumka set” and a white stone set for my gown. Everyone suggested pearl but silly me i wanted Zircon stone set. And i got what i wanted.

Next plan was to visit RMKV silk house, Tirunelveli for Saree shopping. As per ritual Saree was to be gifted by groom. And i wanted Peach colour saree with Golden silk design or a full Golden colour silk saree actually golden silk was trending colour after 2013. But i could find one as i wanted. After two hour’s everybody started to suggest their own opinions regarding the colour. And i got boggled.

After another one hour my mom came and showed a dark pink colour . Haan….! i don’t like such colour, i feel that such colours don’t suit me. After testing everybody’s patience i found an Orange colour Silk….” Hello I’m d “bride to be” so you all are suppose to tolerate me for another 20 days”.


I liked the saree was little different orange silk with multi colour wave design pattern, and golden boarder with pink bottom line. The saree din’t have any specific name like “Saamudrika” or “Vasundhara”. And i haven’t seen a bride wearing orange silk saree. No i haven’t because mostly wedding colours were red, pink gold ,even blue but no ” Orange”. The trending colour of 2014 was golden silk saree. This fact made me happy. The Saree costed around 40k.Gown was a blunder but saree was a hit. After a trial i made every single person say that ” the saree is pretty “. Hehehe…. i know i sound little crazy but i loved doing this at times.


And the Blouse design was quite simple because again it was wedding season , christmas and New year. So no one will take such works in short notice and at that time i felt that i was the unlucky girl as i could’n get a proper Aari work on my blouse. Some How i managed to do so.  And ya it looked decent. Mark my works ” not pretty ” but “decent”.

This is my wedding Gown Look. Happy Me…… one hour before setting my veil my eyes were filled with tears because the Beautician fainted before completing my look. It was my mother and my Aunt who fixed it.


And ya We are married Face………..


After the Church wedding i changed Saree for the Lunch party. Saree draping was perfectly done by beautician… ya…! this time she was fine, I guess working back to back  made her sick… Poor lady….. Since we din’t have much time, we could’n arrange the jewellery’s properly.


Tadaaahhh…   Only flash light and pose…. i loved standing on stage for four hours and smiling at people i don’t even know. My father’s friends , relatives blah blah blah…….. best day in my life because my brother’s were not getting tired of clicking my picks. And that made me happy.



I hope you enjoyed reading my about my special day and my struggle through wedding shopping. This is not an end. This is a beginning for a new story… That’s what marriage is meant for “A New Life “. More to be share so watch this space for more saree stories.


Last pic is from our photoshoot…….. I Loved this pic…. because I loved to walk with him hand in hand…..

23 thoughts on “Story Of My Wedding Saree

  1. Weddings are always so stressful and something or the other always goes wrong. Kudos to you for staying calm! At the end of the day it is a happy marriage that matters more than the wedding and yes, you did look very pretty ❤

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