Mond’Sub 3 in 1 Mask

Mond’Sub sheet mask is the korean brand which has wide range of sheet mask for skin care concerns like brightening, gold sheet mask ,anti-wrinkle and collagen boosting. One such is Mond’sub 3 in 1 pearl revitalizing sheet mask. I got this in one of my subscription box, i think in my Glamego box. I had saved it for festive season use as i knew it with a toddler in hand i could never step in to a spa for a cleanup or facial 💆. So without any delay lets get into this.

Product Claims :
Combining the pearl extract from the deep sea, which contains rich minerals, vitamins and amino acids, added with hyaluronic acid and seaweed extracts, this mask can effectively hydrate and moisturise the skin. With other ingredients, the mixed brings essence in the neck and face mask brings you significant skincare effect, brightening and lightening your skin.

Ingredients and Usage:


250 rps for 35gms. (includes the 5 grams of vitamin c essence.

Package :

The sheet mask comes in a thick laminated. And an additional Little sealed pouch . All the details regarding the price, usage and ingredients are written on the package. Quite classy and product base package with image of pearl in a sea shell….. I loved that image…..😍😍😍😊😊😎

Ingredients In Essence :

My Experience with Mond’Sub Sheet Mask :

The Sheet mask is made of cotton. It is for face and had extension for ears and neck too. I found it little difficult to place over as it was little big and drenched in serum. The ear extensions were of no use as it just had to hold on back of ears. The Neck region was coming off again and again. Like all the sheet mask this mask too had cut opens for eyes, nose and mouth.

The Sheet mask was drenched in serum generously and was quite sticky. The Serum was more like oil, thick and cool.

I placed the sheet mask on my face for good 20 minutes. Initially it gave a soothing effect and capmed my skin. I din’t feel any irritation while placing the sheet mask. After taking it off my face was very sticky. After 5 minutes i took the vitamin C essence and massaged it on my face and neck.

The Vitamin C essence was thick and more like gel, transparent in colour. It has a mild scent like all other products with pearl. It vanished after 5 to 10 minutes of application. I gave gentle storks of massage but the essence was not all completely absorbing even after 1/2 hour. So i wiped off the excess essence. But then the stickiness was right there.

Effects :

The Sheet mask made my skin look clean and gave a natural glow. My Skin looked hydrated and moisturised. Though the essence had added nothing to it effect, than providing excess moisture. And my skin go sticky. This face mask brightened my skin complexion but it did nothing to my acne scars or spots. May be it would require a couple of more sheets in work.

The Very next day i saw few little white bumps on my forehead, jaw line and chin, which disappointed me me. I don’t know whether this was cause of my skin or the product but for sure i’m not trying this variant again. And i would also suggest you not to use this if you have acne prone skin.

What I Liked About This Sheet Mask ?

  • Brightens up the face
  • Non irritating essence and mild scent
  • Affordable
  • Travel handy package
  • Hydrating and moisturises

What I Din’t Like About This Sheet Mask ?

  • It broke me out
  • Essence is very sticky.
  • It doesn’t fulfil the claim of lightening the acne spots.

Overall, though it had few positives but it had it’s own con. Though it is free from harmful chemicals i feel that this is not for oily/acne prone skin. But it might be suitable for dry skin.

I hope you found this post useful. Have you used this sheet mask ? Do let me know your views in the comment section.



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