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Sand For Soapoholic – Heavenly Dew

It’s not a surprise if you say that body wash or shower gels are good for winter, as they moisturise the skin. What if a soap serves the purpose better. Its not a bad thing ryt….? Does Heavenly Dew from sand for Soapoholic serve the purpose..?  Do read till end. After nearly 15 years I… Continue reading Sand For Soapoholic – Heavenly Dew

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The Face Shop Fresh Lotus Soothing Gel

Hey Ladies, Hope you all are fine and having a productive week. As you all are well aware of the fact that Korean skincare are the latest trend I thought to share my views on Face Shop Fresh Jeju Lotus Gel. When it is about a moisturiser the first word which we look for is… Continue reading The Face Shop Fresh Lotus Soothing Gel

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Be A Bombshell – Captivate

Have you ever tried a lip stain..? If yes…! Does your lip stain last for more than 5 hours?  No….! Now thats really bad. A sassy chic with half bleeded lipstick or faded lipper,  its not you. It doesn’t suits you. So lovely ladies I’m here to share an amazing lipstain “Be A Bombshell”  shade… Continue reading Be A Bombshell – Captivate

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Tresseme anti hair fall shampoo

Changing weather and my diet has taken down my hairs both by volume and by health. Currently I’m facing so many problems like dandruff, hair fall and unhealthy looking hairs. All these facts kinda irk me and make most of my days are a bad hair day. So I thought to try Tresseme anti hair… Continue reading Tresseme anti hair fall shampoo

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Mini Pedicure Session Ft. Bliscent Foot Soak

Knock ! knock ! whose there ? It’s me WINTER…….Not again !😒😱😕 Every year when my heart sings jingle bell…, but my feet cry’s out loud with pain. Yes ! It’s seasonal fact that winter is here so you have to get your best moisturiser or crack heal cream for your feet. Even though this… Continue reading Mini Pedicure Session Ft. Bliscent Foot Soak

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Patanjali Herbal Facial Foam

We adopt every means to  get a clear and healthy looking skin. The current trending ingredient in skin care is Activated Charcoal. Well.. we all know that activated charcoal helps in  Detoxifying and Re-energizing the skin. The Activated charcoal is good for hair too. Now without much deviation from the topic , let us concentrate… Continue reading Patanjali Herbal Facial Foam