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Sand For Soapoholic – Heavenly Dew

It’s not a surprise if you say that body wash or shower gels are good for winter, as they moisturise the skin. What if a soap serves the purpose better. Its not a bad thing ryt….? Does Heavenly Dew from sand for Soapoholic serve the purpose..?  Do read till end. After nearly 15 years I… Continue reading Sand For Soapoholic – Heavenly Dew

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BLiscent’s Strawberry Body Polish

Skin Looks dull and less lively often, when dead cells accumulate over and over again. When such situation occurs it clogs the pores leading bumps and acne on body. Our cell turn over is as slow as cell generation. Thus it is always recommended to use a scrub or body polish to remove the dull… Continue reading BLiscent’s Strawberry Body Polish