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Urvija Lavender – Mint Mist

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts about “Urvija Lavender – Mint Mist. I love face mist as they do wonders based on the actives present in it. I received this in one of my Fabbag.

I personally feel that face mist is an essential step in skincare, well most of us tend to skin this or mostly ignore it. But let me tell you, using a face mist will improvise your skincare routine and skin health in every other way.

This mist comes in a plastic bottle provided with a sophisticated spray nozzle and it provides even application of the product. The mini plastic bottle and spill proof spray nozzles comes handy.

As the name says its star ingredients are Lavender and Mint. Both the ingredient are great for oily and acne prone skin. Lavender helps in soothing and calming inflammations. It reduces redness caused due to sun or any other bacterial infection. Mint helps in drying acne and eliminates acne by cleansing pore.

Usage, Benefits & Ingredients :

It can be used to prep your skin before makeup or as first step of your skincare. It can also be used as a setting spray as well. Prolonged use of Lavender-Mint mist will prevent acne or any kind of fungal infections and give you a healthy skin. It helps in absorption of moisturizer or serum, when you layer skincare products.

This is priced 120 per 50ml and 190rps per 100ml. It is really affordable and easily available as well. You can purchase these from Urvija website or Nykaa.

I would say this is a “miracle water” and would recommend to you a well. That was all about my favorite face mist.

Hope you enjoyed reading………….

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