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Suganda & Co Centella Green Tea Face Wash

What are requirements of a good face wash for an oily- acne prone skin? My answer would be mild, prevent acne and should work well on acne scares. Of course, most of our preferences change according to our skin type and concerns.

Suganda’s Centella Green Tea face wash is one of a kind…. mild and refreshing. Yes..! it’s an Indian brand and quite effective on acne prone skin. Another thing I would like to point out is time. For any product to work better on your skin you need to use it religiously ie. give time.

This face wash comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with pump, it will help you to control the quality of the product. It also has a stopper which makes it spill proof, well i lost it. But the stopper makes it leak proof and travel friendly.

The face wash is honey brown in color and is watery in consistency. It has very refreshing and has pleasing herbal aroma. Even people with sensitive nose will find its appealing.

Ingredients wise its quite fascinating mixture of two star ingredients Green tea and Centella otherwise known as Gotu Kola or Brahmi. Rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial property of green tea makes it effective for acne treatment. It also reduces excess sebum production. Centella boost the collagen and maintains the elasticity of skin. It speeds up the healing of acne, preventing appearance of any scars.

I take 2 pumps every time, since the face wash is chemical free it lathers fairly. I prefer using it only during my night skincare routine or days when I have used makeup, I use it after makeup remover. Despite of being a mild cleanser, it removes all the dirt and remains of makeup. As a matter of fact it doesn’t strips skin moisture or makes it dry, actually power blend of panthenol and glycerin hydrates the skin.

It leaves clean and glowing skin after every wash. Also, it keeps your skin oil free for 2-3 hrs. It gradually reduced my skin and lighten my acne scars as well. Surprisingly, many tiny new bumps didn’t leave any scary scare as before. With ph 5-6 is, it is suitable for all skin types and it also doesn’t disrupts skin barrier as well.

Best part is, it evens complexion after consistent use. Trust me when I say consistent, patience comes along. I used this product religiously for nearly three months, one bottle will last that long, hence its a good investment as well.

Investing on a good skincare product which is chemical free will never go wrong. Suganda Centella Green Tea face wash is priced at 700 rps per 120ml. Its available on Suganda.Co.

If you are looking for a good cleanser which will give you an acne free skin, hydration, improving skin texture, low ph and no irritation then you have to try this. Its pretty good option……

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