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Typhoo Calming Organic Chamomile

With rapidly changing lifestyle from working hard to chase our dreams we end up with more stress and many of us have trouble in sleeping, as we are expected to act above and beyond to prove our abilities. Well, let me share my little secret. I rely on Typhoo’s Organic Chamomile Tea to serve the purpose.

Why Choose Chamomile?

We all know that chamomile is a traditional ingredient has so many benefits and few i have listed down….

1. It reduces menstrual cramps.

2 lowers blood sugar and treats diabetes.

3. Few study also prove that it slow downs or prevents osteoporosis. As it has anti-estrogenic effect which promotes bone density.

4. It treats Eczema and reduces mild inflammation, helps with acne as well. 

5. It aids in treating and preventing cancer.

6. It calms mind and treats Insomnia.

7. Treats cold and boosts immunity

Typhoo has wide range of organic tea, organic chamomile tea caught my attention. To say it’s a floral drink with so many health benefits. The Chamomile tea is made of carefully picked rich chamomile flowers & buds, dried and packed.

During normal days, l prefer this after dinner and during my periods obviously I make a couple or more at times. It calms my mind and puts it to ease. It helps with menstrual cramps to great extent. Making this tea is no new trick, it’s the usual one boil the water and let the tea bag to infuse. Drink it after 5-6 mins.

This herbal tea is pale yellow in color and it’s aroma is purely of chamomile flower, well that’s what it’s supposed to be. I prefer it without any sweetener but you can add little honey into it.

Trust me, it really helps. If you are someone struggling with insomnia just give a try. But still if doesn’t work please consult you physician. Women who suffer with menstrual pain should definitely try this as it works better for cramps. And if you are a Tea connoisseur obviously you should give a try and you wouldn’t regret it. If you have elder at home dealing with arthritis, even they can add a cup in their routine.

Typhoo Organic Chamomile tea is priced at 210 rps per 20 tea bags, which is pretty affordable compared to other brands. You can buy this from, Reliance store or Big Bazaar. 

And that was about my favorite tea. Which is your favorite. Let me know below in the comment section. Soon I’ll meet you guys with another review.

Until then it’s bye from Steffy…… 🙂


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