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Innisfree my real squeeze mask – Rice

Happiness in small packets… Is Innisfree sheet mask. Well last night I tried my Innisfree rice sheet mask. Ya.. After a very long time I got to do this.

Like all other variants the Innisfree sheet masks comes in a standard thick foil package with all details regarding the variant, ingredients usage and price which is written on the pack.

The sheet mask are thin cotton sheets with generously dipped in white colour starch kind of serum…yes you heard it right rice starch.

I refrigerated this sheet for 10mins and I placed this sheet on my face for good 30mins. Like any regular Korean sheet mask it has cut opens for eyes mouth and nose.

The sheet masks gives a soothing effect on the skin. My skin had a natural glow. It had brightened up my skin complexion. I took the excess serum and gave a gentle massage on to my skin. Usually I wash face after 20 mins, but since I used this as the last step of my skin care routine I kept it till morning. Hell..! I woke up to a sticky face. It was way more oily. It improves the skin texture wise and complexion wise,which is an affordable option and time conserving too. The smooth texture of skin will give you a flawless makeup base.

After washing my I found it to bevery soft and supple. But i felt the brightening effect was not there for longer. As we all know the effects of these masks are so temporary. This fact made me quite unhappy.

These sheets masks have glycerine, rice extract, lemon peel extract, camellia flower extract and aloe. All these ingredients work together to brighten and hydrate the skin.

These sheet masks are very affordable as it is priced at 100rps per sheets. You can also choose your favorites from a large number of other variants.

Overall, it’s very time conserving . And good to use for days when you feel that your skin needs little extra nourishment or if you want a smooth makeup base too. This isn’t my favorite one but it does help a bit. Do try these sheets masks and lemme know your favorite….

Hope you enjoyed reading….will meet you guys with another amazing post…β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ™‚πŸ˜‡

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