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Missha’s The Time Revolution The First Treatment Mist

Changing the entire skin care routine, when you have a sensitive acne prone skin is really tough. But then if the “change” brings a drastic change in your life and works out better for you then it’s for good.

Hi friends, today I’ll share my views on The Korean product “Missha’s The first Treatment mist”, quite a big name huh….!!

I use it everyday twice, as the last step of my am routine and the first step of my pm routine. I keep it at a distant and spray it all over my face.

The package is pretty cool, a cylindrical bottle with spray. The bottle is quite sturdy made up of thick plastic. The bottle has got the brand name and few details written in their native language, which I assume could be product details… May be…..😉 But all the details regarding the product is written on the outer cardboard silver pack.

The mist is watery in texture non- sticky and refreshing. I pat it gently on my face to let it absorb into my skin.

Initially I felt it a little itchy on my open pore and tiny bumps on my lower chin, but later my skin loved this mist. The smell of this mist didn’t impress me much because it smells like fermented rice water.

Ingredients like niacinamide helps to brighten the skin. It has fermented yeast which helps in improving collagen synthesis making the skin more plumpy and prevents signs of ageing…..(in short cell renewal). The Chamomile extract calms any kind of inflammation and prevents further acne causing bacteria. It soothes and moisturises the skin. Barley and chamomile extract rich in antioxidant altogether helps in flushing out toxins from the skin layers.

Every spritz of First treatment mist helps in fighting acne causing bacteria and soothes the skin. It provides intense hydration and prepares the skin for further absorption.

The only con I felt was the word “whitening which is quite misleading. It jus brightens and gives that plumpy looks to skin. And if you are expecting it to work on your acne scars then bae you need to be patient like no sooner you’ll see the result. But if you are looking out just for a hydrating product then this a good option.

I’m quite sceptical about ageing fact too since I don’t have any serious ageing issue, hence I can’t comment on it.

You can buy this from style or any other insta seller too. It retails for 1349 rps per 120 ml. Overall, its a big yay for hydration and brightening fact and a big no for whitening.

Hope you all loved my review. More Korean product reviews are on the way…..😉😉😊😊

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