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Yami herbals Hair mask

“Hair doesn’t make the women beautiful but good hair definitely helps”

Hey gorgeous,

Hope you are doing well. How many of us are running behing chemical laden products for making our hair better. It is so obvious that many of us are irked by zero results even after spending 1000 bucks for chemical treatment and fancy products. To be frank even i was such a freak who tried all the random products suggested by uncles, aunties and friends.

Well for now, if frizzy, unhealthy thin hairs is my concern, Definetly I would go for some fresh aloe gel and hibiscus flower paste along with any herbal hair pack. So today I will be expressing my views about Yami herbals Hair pack.

The product comes in a plastic tub like package with all the details regarding the product written on it. There is an additional wrap for product which makes it spill proof. It also comes with an additonal shower cap and spoon to scoop out the products.

The product is dark greenish brown color and smells more of shikakai and curry leaves. I take 2 to 3 scoops of products and make a paste of it with curd. After making the paste, I apply it on my hairs from roots to tips. I concentrate more on areas where i have dandruff or any heat boils. I keep it covered for some 20-30 minutes and let it dry.

After drying I wash my hairs with luke warm water. Since all the ingredients are finely powdered, it doesn’t leave behind any particles on hairs. Though the brand suggests to wash hairs using a mild cleanser, I avoided this step because i didnot want the goodness of shikakai,lemon and curry leaves to be washed away.

To be frank, this hair pack improved my hair texture and made it shiny. I felt my hair was little oily, this might be because of curry leaves and hibiscus flowers. But then it softened my frizzy hairs and tips. I believe that prolonged usage might even prevent premature greying and hair fall problems. But if you are already in a phase of premature greying please don’t expect for reversible effects cause it can only prevent further greying not a cure.

The products retails for 230 rps per 100gms. It will last for three to four uses, well its a decent quantity and fairly priced. And chemical free and handmade is an added advange. You can buy yours from Yami herbals.

I hope you liked my review, do give a thumbs up. Will meet you guys with another postb.

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