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The Faceshop Vitamin C Sheet Mask

Hello Readers,

Sit back and relax is the only mantra which pops in your mind when its friday night.

Last week I tried face shop’s Vitamin C sheet mask. As you all know sheet masks are easy and convenient to use. Busy schedules and laziness always keep our parlour and spa plans away. A sheet mask is easy to apply, it saves time and money too.

Like all other regular sheet masks this is priced at Rps 100 per sheet mask. It is on the affordable side, so no worries.


The sheet mask is soft cotton, immersed generously in the goodness of citrus extract, castor oil, glycerin and water. I used the sheet on my cleansed face. I kept it on for about 20 minutes .


Ingredients :

Post removal it made my skin refreshing and gave an evident glow. This masks brightens the dull skin. Initially I felt a little tingling effect on my fresh acnes but it was gone after a minute or two. It also made my skin well hydrated.

The fact which irks me often is that these sheets give temporary results which last for one or two days not more than that. And it also has alcohol. If you are someone who doesn’t bother the presence of alcohol content, then it is good to give a shot. You can buy this sheet mask from Nykaa and Amazon.

I’m a sheet mask lover and I find it easy to use too. Have you used the sheet mask..? What is your favorite sheet mask? Do let me know in the comment section. Thats all for now, will meet you guys with another new post.


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