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Chik shampoo

People always fall prey to the misconceptions that only costly and high end brands can provide better result for your damaged hair problems. Well I’m here to break that myth.

Few days back this cute little egg caught my attention…”Chik Shampoo”. Chik shampoo belongs to the house of Cavinkare.

The Chik shapoo claims to have egg protein which prevents hair fall and gives healthy scalp and hair. My scalp being oily, I need a mild shampoo wash every other day. So I always opt for a good and effective formula.

Now talking about the package, the Chik shampoo comes in a very cute and attractive egg shaped bottle, well it can be said as their marketing strategy. The point is apart from claims and formula, we get attracted to package as well. The package has brand label with all the instructions regarding the product.

Ingredients And Claims :

The Shampoo is milky white and shimmery in colour. It is runny in consistency and lathers fairly. The fragrance of the shampoo is mild and doesn’t disturb sensitive nose too.

I take one squeeze of the product, and massage it gently on my wet hairs. It lathers fairly and I wash it with lukewarm water. Post washing, I found my hair silky soft and shiny. After regular usage, I found that it reduced my hairfall. My hair was less sticky even on the second day post hairwash. And I loved that. I wouldn’t say that this helped in completely in eradicating my hair fall. But my hair fall really did reduce.

The only con I felt was this shampoo has chemicals in it, which might damage your scalp after long term usage. But if you are a person who doesn’t mind the presence of SLS then its worthy to give a try.

This shampoo is really affordable and is priced at 180 rps per 150ml. And you can buy this shampoo from any shop nearby store.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Do let know your views about Chik Anti-hairfall shampoo. Do share with your loved once and give a thumbs-up to my post.

Thank for dropping by. 😘😘 Will meet you guys again with an amazing post….

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