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Indulegeo’s The Volcanic Night Oil

It’s the common myth of saying “No” to oils for face when you have oily and Acne Prone skin. Few months back I purchased the Indugeo Essential’s Volcanic Night Oil. The Indulgeo Essential’s manufacturer’s have a good range of skincare face oils, mists and hair vitalizers. Isn’t it amazing…..? And all their products are worth to give a try.

Now it has been three months since I started using this night oil. This Night oil is specifically formulated for treating oily and acne prone skin.

This magic potion comes in a chrome bottle with a dropper. The Product details and usage instructions are written on the label above.

I usually take 4-5 drops of oil in palm,Work it up and press it along the skin. Well! That’s how you are supposed to use a serum, all the beauty Gurus recommend the same.

This Magic potion is yellow in colour and is oil like in consistency. It has a purely of herbal smell and doesn’t disturb my sensitive nose too.

Initially it makes skin a little oily but after few minutes it gets absorbed. Its quite comfortable to use as its not sticky.

Ingredients :

To Be frank I bought this after reading so many good customer feedbacks on insta. I have added this oil in my night skin care routine. I use this as directed after cleansing and toning. And ofcourse in addition I also added Indugeo Essentials Rose Geranium and witch hazel mist along. You can read its review Here.

The Tamanu oil in it is rich in anti oxidants and is great for acne and acne scar treatment. Tamanu oil and Lavender essential oil have great anti- bacterial property too which not only cures acne but also prevents further occurrence of acne, eczema or any other skin troubles. The witch hazel and rose geranium infused in the oil prevents clogging of pores and excessive oil secretion.

This is supposed to be used in the night because the skin remains calm at night and this oil does all the wonders to rejuvenate it. Every morning I wake up with glowing and baby soft skin. Right after 4 weeks it had reduced my acne to 50 percent. And also it has started to work on my scars. I felt a my skin smoother and soft like never before. Well! this oil is for everyone who is fighting acne and acne scars.

But another matter of consideration is that you need to be patient with your skin care products. It is not a magic to get your acne problems cleared in overnight or 1 or 2 weeks. It takes time for things to work and give good result. And even the brand recommends the same.

Surprisingly this product is priced at 1150rps for 30ml which is really affordable as it lasts for a really long time. A little is always more and this bottle will for sure last for 3-4 months, even if used regularly. And has shelf life of 12 months.

Overall, it is an amazing night oil for oily acne prone skin and it worths every penny. You can buy The volcanic night oil from their site or from Nykaa too.

I hope you liked my review, if so do share and show some love on my post….will meet you guys with another lovely post….

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