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Yami herbals bath powder

Day by day as the technology is improving, the type of chemical for brightening and whitening effect. 2017 was the year when I gave special attention to my skincare and the ingredient list of the product as well.

One such fascinating brand is Yami herbals. They have affordable and effective skin and hair care products. And few days back brand has send me their Herbal Bath powder for reviewing.

The Herbal bath powder comes in a sturdy plastic tub like package with all the details regarding the product written on it. It also has a plastic scoop provided with it.

As directed, I take four scoop of product and make paste of it with water. The paste is so soft and smooth. It smells more of turmeric. I apply it on my wet body instead of soap or shower gel. Evenly rub it on the skin and wash it off.

It makes my skin smooth and soft. It also helps in getting rid of sun tans and heals sun burns too. Turmeric, green gram and aavaram poo helps in improving skin complexion. aavaram poo is rich in anti-oxidants and purifies the skin. And after mixing it with milk, it made my skin more smoother, soft and supple.

The herbal scent is soo refreshing and it smells more if turmeric. The best part is that this is free from artificial colours and fragrance and has no preservatives.

The product is priced at 150 rps per 100 gms and this is really affordable and worthy buy. As its purely herbals and has no side effects. All the ingredients in it are wisely choosen to improve the skin texture, complexion and to prevents skin infection.
Well, a shower using yami herbal bath powder is quite satisfying and refreshing. I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Do give a thumbs up and share this with your loved ones.

You can order thus frm their Facebook page Yami herbals. For latest updates follow me on Instagram.

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