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Iraya Reviving Face Tonic

After  learning the importance of CTM routine, I’m using tone or face mist on regular basis. It helps to maintain the skin ph level and keeps our skin well hydrated. 

Since my journey with toner has just began and this being my second product I strongly convinced my mind to stick along organic line. Iraya is one such brand. It is free from paraben. 

Proper usage and right actives in toner helps in clearing clogged pores reducing excess oil from the skin surface. 

Usage Direction :

Now talking about the Iraya reviving face tonic, it has a pump like package quite sturdy. Thus it is travel friendly. All the details regarding product is written on the bottle.
 I take two pumps in a cotton pad and wipes gently on my face. I follow this as the second step post cleansing. This helps in shrinking pores and clearing dirts or traces of make-up too. 

The toner is yellow in colour and smells weird well people with sensitive nose will find it little difficult. It gives a soothing sensation on skin but stinks a bit when applied on open pores. 

It makes the skin more radiant and takes away all the excess oil. And it serves as a good makeip remover too.

The pomegranate extract works great in repairing and rejuvenating the damaged cell. It has great antioxidant property too. The other key ingredient Mint prevents clogging of Pores and prevents appearance of acne. Isn’t it…?  cleansing and toning done in better way…..😉

This is retailed at 395 rps per 150ml, which  few might find little expensive. Otherwise its good to go with.

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