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Loreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo

We all get fascinated by products which are promoted by our favourite star. Well…! I do…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ™Œ. After watching Deepika in this ad, I didn’t even think twice to grab this one though the conditioner and serum were not available. But I was so eager to try this one.

This version comes in a similar squeeze bottle like other variants. All the details regarding the product are written on it. 

The product says that its for deep cleansing and. Hydrating purpose. It removes the excess oil from the scalp and removes all the dirt from the skin surface. My scalp becomes oily and sticky on every second day of hair wash and It irks me. I feel too lazy to wash my hair often. I personally feel that it strips away the natural moisture of scalp.

Claims :

Price And Ingredients :

I use this shampoo after my regular oil routine or at times without oiling my hair. I take ample amount of shampoo and apply it on my wet hairs. The shampoo smells really refreshing like that of peppermint. For sure if comes in contact with eyes do wash immediately as it hurts alot.

This shampoo lathers fairly and it gives a glissy finish to hairs. It also improved texture of my hairs. It clears all dirt from scalp but it maintains the moisture of the scalp. My hairs are not very dry and fizzy instead it was soft and manageable. I noticed that it kept oil away for good two to three days. But this time my hairs where not sticky like every other time and I’m happy with it. 

It didn’t weigh down my hair not any other adverse effects because of this. 

So this was about L’OrΓ©al extraordinary clay shampoo. You can buy these from nearby any drugstore or the kit is available online in Nykaa and Amazon. 

So…have you used this shapoo or what’s your trick to keep oil away..? Do share in the comments below.

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