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DearPacker’s Anti-acne Sheet

Happy New year lovely ladies…  Hello ladies… Hope you all are doing well and having a product week. After a hectic weekend, My skin became dull and ofcourse tired too. 

And this reminded me of unused sheet mask in my vanity pouch. Well I bought these few months back when Nykaa launched these for the first time in collaboration with Dearpackers. 

I got fascinated with the fact that these sheet masks are formulated with misture of Korean skincare and ayurvedic recipes. This fact make these sheets unique.  You can have a look in their variants here.

Unlike other sheets, these sheets were little thick. The science behind this fact is to retain moisture for longer period. The Sheet is well immersed in serum which is comparatively thick than that of other serum. 

I placed the sheet on my face and surprisingly it fit on my face perfectly. The sheet was so soothing and it calmed the pain on my acne. I kept it on my face for good 20 minutes. And after removing the sheets I massaged the excess quantity of serum on my face. The serum was sticky initially but later it absorbed completely. 

After taking it off, my face was so clean and scintillating. After massaging the excess serum it became even better. But the shean on my face was so temporary but then I enjoyed the fact that it imrpovised my skin texture, evened my skin tone and reduced the size of tiny bumb which I got as a result of heavy festive food. Yeah..! You got me chicken, mutton and tons of sweets. 

This sheet is prices at 100 rps per 20gms . Each pack has only one use and throw sheet.  And I’m pretty sure that this would be good acne treatment if used on continously like one or two in a week.

 The tea tree extract and Azelaic acid visibly controls the oil secretion and it reduces the imperfections. It visibly blurred my acne scars and evened the skin tone. Thus its proven that after using couple of sheets it would definitely make skin clear.

I would definitely suggest this to someone who is struggling with acne and acne scars as it unclogs the pores too.

So this was my #amaskday story. Hope you found this article useful. Do share about your mask day story in comment section. 

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