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Brillare’s Oil Away Moisture Gel Creme

Eeeu moisturiser….!! No..! It will make my face look oily…..!!… Nope…moisturisers is sticky…!

So these are the thoughts which pop up into your mind when you think of buying a moisturiser. Let me tell you one thing, never skip moisturiser from your skin care routine. Thats the biggest mistake we always do.

Every time we think that using a moisturiser makes our skin more oily. But If you skip moisturiser, the sebaceous glands will push themselves to produce excess oil in order to keep skin moisturised and hydrated. And this will lead to acne.

Now lets talk about the miracle product Oil Away Moisture gel Creme.

The Moisture Gel Creme comes in a glass tub with screw cap. The package is leak proof and travel friendly. The Outer pack has all the details regarding the claims, Ingredients and usage. I Loved the Classy package, infact it can be reused.

The Moisture Gel Creme is beige coloured. It is soft in texture. Unlike other moisturizers it is neither thick nor runny.

I usually use this twice a day, morning and Night. I take the creme generously and spread it Evenly on my face. This Creme has high moisture content. It keeps skin hydrated and nourished for whole day. Asap I apply it on my face, it gives a soothing and calming sensation on my skin. It also reduces the redness and pain on acute acne. The Creme get absorbed soo easily and is non-sticky.

The Ginger Extract in it prevents the occurrence of acne and calms the existing ones too. Pistachio Gum works great for combating against acne and prevents the appearance of acne scars. The Pistachio gum maintains the insulin level and prevents the excess oil secretion.  Zinc in it has  antibacterial property.

The Gel keeps the oil away for whole day and doesn’t require frequent application. It gives a perfect matte look, keeping your face shine free.

It has made my skin healthy and radian. It has also improved my skin texture making it smoother and soft day by day. The most important thing is that it calms the active acne and reduces the pain right qfter first day of usage. Its really a magic potion for a person like me, who is struggling with adult acne.

I feel that few might find this creme expensive but then the product last for about one and half months or two months I guess. It retails for about 775 rps per 50 gms.

Overall, its really a best option for oily and acne prone skinned person.  And best out of moisturizers I have used so far.

What are you then waiting for..? Grab one for you from Amazon or Brillare Science.

I hope my review was helpful,  do give a thumbs up and share it with your friends or family for one who is struggling with unresolved acne problems.  For laters updates do follow me on Instagram Instagram and twitter.

Disclaimers :

PR sample but opinions are my own.

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