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Sand For Soapoholic – Heavenly Dew

It’s not a surprise if you say that body wash or shower gels are good for winter, as they moisturise the skin. What if a soap serves the purpose better. Its not a bad thing ryt….? Does Heavenly Dew from sand for Soapoholic serve the purpose..?  Do read till end.



After nearly 15 years I got to experience winter. Post shifting to kanyakumari, I just deleted Winter from my seasonal chart. Well now at bangalore its cool and an even wind is bit harsh. So stick to a good moisturising shower gel. This pretty transparent marine green soap was lying inside my shelf for past two month and it tempted me to open and use it…….. Yeah we all have such weird temptation even though we already have one to use. Well I call it fantasy…😉😉😊


This soap was in thin plastic pack with details of ingredients written on it.  Now since this one is a sample size price and quantity was not mentioned. 

The Soap is marine green in colour and the bar is little sticky compared to regular bars. The transparent soap has small white cubes and I assume these as coconut endosperm as in ingredient list it is mentioned. 

Like every other soaps this is to be used on wet body and it lathers fairly but not like regular shower gel or soap. 


It makes the skin clean and soft. My skin looked radiant, smooth and soft but it required another moisturiser to prevent extreme winter dryness. Butni wouldn’t recommend this for winter days. This might work better during summer I guess but then not for dry skin people. The only fact is  that I feel this soap was getting dissolved little faster.

Overall its a decent soap but not for dry skin people nor for winter season. But an attractive one. You can buy this soap from Here.

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