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Indulgeo Essentials Rose Geranium Witch Hazel Mist

Fresh fragrance of rose in every spritz and  the soothing and calm nature of witch hazel comes only with the usage of Indulgeo essential’s Rose Geranium Witch Hazel. 

Hi Lovely ladies.. Hope you all are fine, Yes you got me.. I’m reviewing Indugeo’s Rose Geranium and witch Hazel mist.

I received this in a very cute pink colour carton box with brand name written on it. Well… Indulgeo’s package is quite impressive. 

To be frank, this is my first face mist which I’m using regularly and its about to get over. I was so unaware of the importance and necessity of face mist or toner.

The Indulgeo Essentials Rose and witch hazel face mist comes in a plastic bottle with nozzel to spray.  This face mist is 300rps per 50ml. 

I usually spray this mist on my face and wipe it with cotton to remove impurities or I just spray it on my face to keepnmy face hydrated. This mist gives a soothing effect. The fragrance is soo refreshing and it lightens up mind and soul immediately. 

 Rose geranium when blended with witch hazel helps in fighting acne prone skin, maintains ph and any other skin irritation.  Witch hazel itselft is power pack of anti-oxidants. It helps in speedy healing, prevents cellular damage and prevents signs of ageing. As it removes excess oil it is great treatment for acne. 

Ingredients :

Post using this it has made my skin smooth and soft. It also controlled my oil secretion. It calms n soothes my active acne…those big hormonal acne bring lot of pain. I use it frequently just to maintain hydration. It helps in keeping acne causing bacteria at the bay. Best part about this mist is, it is free from harmful chemicals. 

The package is travel friendly and all the details regarding product is on the label. And trust me I carry it every where. It’s worth of every penny. But few might find this as expensive for 50ml. In the end its always good to invest on a good skincare product.  So go for it…πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ‘.  The only problem is availability, its available only online. You can buy this from Indulgeo essential’s website and for consultation do contact them in Instagram

I hope you liked my views on Indulgeo Essential’s Rose Geranium and witch hazel mist. Do give a thumbs up and share this on social media. For later updates, follow me on Instagram and Twitter. 

         Have a productive week….😘😘😘😊😊

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