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The Face Shop Fresh Lotus Soothing Gel

Hey Ladies,

Hope you all are fine and having a productive week. As you all are well aware of the fact that Korean skincare are the latest trend I thought to share my views on Face Shop Fresh Jeju Lotus Gel.



When it is about a moisturiser the first word which we look for is Nourishment and then hydration. Well this moisturiser serves the purpose very well. This soothing gel has a few DIY purpose too, which I am sharing in this post.

To be frank, I bought it for my husband as he has dry skin. I ended up using that, not always but mostly when I feel my skin is tired.

Product Claims:

Fresh Lotus Soothing Gel is made up of clear, glass like beads that contains lotus flower extracts from jeju Island. This Multipurpose gel protects against harmful environmental aggressors, soothes tired skin and can be used daily or after sun exposure.

What Nykaa has to say about this ?

My Experience :



The Face shop Fresh Jeju Lotus Gel comes in a baby pink plastic tub like package with Lotus image on it. All the details regarding the product like usage direction, price , manufacturing date and important ingredients are written on it. It retails at 490 rps per 285ml ( currently 395 rps in Nykaa). You can buy it from Nykaa and Amazon.

The Tub has an inner lid in it which makes it spill proof and this is because of the gloopy consistency of the gel. Though the package is sturdy it is a bit huge and hence I would’n recommend it as a travel friendly one.

The gel is colourless, transparent and water based gel. It is very soft in texture. It is not too runny but its between jelly and liquid state. It absorbs into skin so quick. But Initially I felt it a little sticky but it goes after a few seconds of application. The moment I apply it on my skin it gives a soothing sensation on to my skin and calms down the skin.



After application the skin becomes so soft, smooth and gives a radiant look. The Moisture stays for 2 to 3 hours and then I need to re-apply it. After long rush hour day it definitely calms down the skin. When applied over rashes or sun burns it also helps to get rid if it. But for a well hydrated skin you might need to apply a little more to be applied within frequent interval of time. You can also mix you facial oil with it to make it your own DIY moisturiser.

Result,  it made my skin soft, hydrated and radian. It can be used for body too. It provides that extra nourishment to skin, which makes it look healthy and more lively. It also prevents sun burns.

The Lotus gel has a very pleasing fragrance. Well..! I have never experienced the fragrance of Lotus flower so I can’t tell whether it is the exact fragrance or not. But the fragrance is refreshing and it calms down the mind. 😊😊😊

This small tub will last for very long time and i doubt the product might expire before getting over 😜😉. And few people might not find it pleasing as it contains alcohol. But other than alcohol it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Overall, Its an amazing multipurpose soothing gel but it doesn’t do anything except hydration and moisturising. And I and my husband religiously use it for the purpose it serves better. I hope you guys found my post useful. If you have used The Face Shop Fresh Jeju Lotus Soothing Gel do let know your views in comment section.

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