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Anti- Acne Treatment Ft. Brillare Science

Hi Pretty Ladies,

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Well..! mine was mind blowing, as i finished my Christmas shopping. So I decided to start up my week with an amazing haul post about my recent PR Package from Brillare Science. So without delay lets get started.


Brillare Science :

The Company was started in the year 2009, founded by a group of research scientist with the aim to deliver a result oriented profession beauty product line. All the ingredients used to formulated the products are 100% natural, effective and all the actives used are clinically proven. All the actives are sourced from plants and fruit extracts and 100% natural. Check their wide range of products here.

The Brand send me the Acne Care range and Balancing Essential – Micellar water mist. The Products were neatly bubble wrapped and reached me without damage.

Product List :

The Acne care Oil away range consists of :

  • Face Wash
  • Exfoliating 2 in 1 Mask
  • Moisture Gel Creme

All these three products have the same ingredients ie. Cinnamon, Ginger, Pistachio. well to be honest i knew about cinnamon but i was totally unaware of the facts about ginger and pistachio.

Buy this range from HERE.

Medico Facts:

Ginger consists antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the inflammation and prevents the acne scars. The Vitamin E in Pistachio gum works on acute acne and reduces the appearance of scars. Pistachio also maintains the insulin level and prevents the onset of acne.

I have just started using these products. And I’m totally enjoying this skin care line. I start up with face wash, Exfoliating 2 in 1 mask and then moisture gel. From now for another couple of weeks my AM and PM routine will be same with products from Brillare Sciences.

All these products are free from paraben, SLS, Formaldehyde, Petroleum was and animal Cruelty free.

Face Wash :

The Deep pore cleansing face wash serves the soul purpose of keeping oil away. The Gel cleanser is non-comedogenic. The Face wash is combination of both AHA and BHA, works great for diminishing acne scars. The Product is priced at 575 rps for 100 ml.


Exfoliating 2in1 Mask:

Citrusy refreshing gel mask comes in cute glass jar with all the details regarding the product, ingredients and usage written on it. And I must say this this mask smells refreshing and awakens the skin. The ingredients like orange extract, lemon extract pistachio gum works on congestions and removes surface oil. It removes the blackheads and all the dead cells, helps the skin to breathe naturally. It also lightens the acne scares and evens out the skin by removing dead cells. This mask can be used twice a week. Well …This is it.. The star product… This product retails for 675rps for 50gms.


Moisture Gel Creme:

The Moisturising gel creme nourishes, controls oil all the day and providing oil-free hydration. The extracts of cinnamon , ginger and pistachio gum all together work to prevent acne and acne scars. The Gel is so soft and absorbs easily into the skin. The pistachio gum clarifies and purifies the pores and zinc in it is for anti-microbial action.This retails for about 775 rps for 50gms


Balancing Essential – Micellar Water Mist :

The unique blend of active, Red algae, papaya extract and glycerine(palm oil). This mist cleanses the pores and provides hydration. It can be used on go to cleanse the skin or to get rid of pollutants in mid day or during travel as it doesn’t require further water cleansing.

This is for 750rps for 100ml.


Well…. these were the product for Oily/Acne prone skin. Their other range are Anti-ageing, Skin Lightening, Sensitivity, Balance Essential, Dryness and Pigmentations.

Overall all the products are quite affordable and effective. And yes..! they do have hair care range too and that will be my upcoming shopping list. And Let me know which product you wanna see in detail first….

Hope you enjoyed reading…. will be back with detailed review in couple of weeks. For recent updates do follow me on Instagram , Twitter .

                                                           “Thank you”
Disclaimers :

All these products are kindly sponsored by Brillare Sciences. 


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