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Tresseme anti hair fall shampoo

Changing weather and my diet has taken down my hairs both by volume and by health. Currently I’m facing so many problems like dandruff, hair fall and unhealthy looking hairs. All these facts kinda irk me and make most of my days are a bad hair day. So I thought to try Tresseme anti hair fall shampoo.

Product Claims :

Ingredients :

Price :
62rps for 80ml

Package :

The Tresseme shampoo comes in a black coloured plastic squeeze bottle similar to  all others ranges from the brand.

Colour, Texture and Consistency :

The shampoo is milky white in colour. The shampoo is smooth and runny in consistency.

My Experience :

I take one squeeze full of product. I apply it on my wet hairs and work it into lather from scalp to tips. I wash it after a minute or two after a gentle massage.

It removed every dirt and excess oil. It improved the texture of my hair. My hair looked healthy and it controlled my hair fall but wasn’t a complete remedy to eradicate the problem. Well…its just a shampoo with little extra benefit not a cure for the problem. Its a decent and affordable drugstore option.

Another con which I felt was the SLS content in it, as  prolonged use of SLS might be harmful.

Over all, as a shampoo it stands alone by making hair healthy and shiny but it can’t be cure for hair fall. Like our mother says healthy diet and good hair oil also add up in making a perfect cure.

So this was my experience with Tresseme Anti Hair fall shampoo. I hope you liked it, if so give a thumbs up and share in social media. For latest updates do follow me on Instagram.

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