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My Current skin care Routine

Hi Pretty Ladies out there,

I Hope you all are fine. I have come up with slight changes in my skin care routine. Well i have convinced myself for not using cleanser in the morning for another one month as suggested by Liah Yoo  famous Korean YouTuber. She says that its not necessary to do so as it strips our natural moisture.


Cleanser :

During mornings I don’t use any sort of cleanser. But in my night skincare routine i have started to use Clean & clear face wash with purifying apple. I must say this cleanser is really effective and it take all the excess oil and dirt from your face.

Toner :

Occasionally I use Iraya face Tonic for Normal to oily skin. It is made from Pomegranate and mint, Rich in antioxidant and helps in cell regeneration. It also retains cell elasticity and removes any left over traces of makeup.

Mostly i like to spray Indulgeo’s Toning face mist with Rose Geranium and Witch Hazel. It keeps my skin hydrated and and also calms active acne.

Exfoliator :

I use Blend It Raw’s Hibiscus powder  and one drop of power oil to exfoliate dead cells. I use it twice a week. It’s a natural source of AHA and helps in reducing the acne scars and blemishes. But the hibiscus powder is handmade and is bit coarse, so you have to be very gentle while using it.

Lip Care :

I exfoliate my lips with Bliscent Cake frosting lip scrub. And then I moisturise my lips using Bliscent’s Rasberry Lip butter.

Face Pack : 

For Now I’m Enjoying the Himalaya Neem Purifying pack. It is suitable for normal to oily skin. It calms the acne and prevents further occurrence. It also controls oil secretion.

Face Serum :

For Mornings I use my Blend It Raws Grapeseed oil and power oil, sorry i missed it in the pic. By the way i got the sample size 25 ml for 180 rps. Yo can try the sample size efore going for full size one.

The Star product of my routine is Indulgeo’s The Volcanic Night Oil. The Serum is yellow in colour and has Herbal fragrance. It’s light weight and easily absorbing. It is a blend of Tamanu oil, Lavender Essential oil, Geranium oil, Tea Tree oil and Witch Hazel Extract. Its really working great for me, not heavy and doesn’t make my face too oily. It also controls blemishes to great extend and prevents acne scars. But i personally feel that it would take really to long time to diminish the acne scars. One should use this oil religiously to get better results.

So this was my new updated skin care routine. I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading. Do give a Thumbs UP…! and Follow me on Instagram for more updates…..

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