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DearPackers Home Remedy Charcoal mask

As we all know Korean sheets mask are the most trending part of skincare routine. One such us exclusively launched DearPacker sheet masks. Dear packers Charcoal home remedy sheet mask is a combination of Korean technology and twist of Indian recipe.  

Product Claims :

Charcoal is great for  oily skin complexion and reduces skin impurities.  It also protects skin from environmental pollution and also unclogs the pores. 

Bamboo charcoal sheet is an exclusive blend of bamboo charcoal and bamboo fiber, woven together to create a perfectly hygienic and naturally gentle for people with sensitivities and excessive sebum. 

Thus its a natural recipes for purifying and clear skin. 

Price :

100rps for 23 gms (1 sheet) 

Direction and Caution :

Ingredients :

My Experience :

I cleanse my face and place the sheet on my face. The sheet is quite soft and soothing.  As soon as I placed it on my face it gave a chilled effect on my skin and on my active acne. Comparatively the sheet was thicker and soft that other variants. The pack has a little excess serum which I kept for further use.

I placed the sheet for good 15 minutes. The sheet was generously drenched in serum and I could feel the serum. If you have any open pore, it would give you a tickling effect on it. 

After removing the sheet my face was clean and refreshing. The serum was non sticky and stull after removing the sheet was wet with serum. Well, I could have kept it for few more minutes I guess.  

After removing the sheet mask I did not find tye serum sticky. I tookthe excess serum and applied it as thin mask. In no time tye serum got absorbed and my skin was baby soft and smooth. 

It made my skin clear and refreshing. My skin had a natural glow. Improved my skin texture. It also calmed my active acne. But it didn’t do anything to my already existing scar. It also kept my face oil free for good 4-5 hours.

Overall it was a good treat for my tired skin making it soft,  refreshing and rediant. The best part is thus clean up is supper affordable and takes just 15 minutes. I highly recommend this for someone who doesn’t get time to spend much for skin care routine. 

You can buy your’s from Nykaa

I hope you liked my review….. Have you used this do let me know your reviews in the comment section. Or if you have a better alternative… Do share that too…….After all sharing is always caring…. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š 

Will meet you guys with another good product and my experience… Until then take care…. 

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