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Sugar Tic Tac Toe Classic

Winter is around the corner and now most of ur prefer vampy lipstick shades abd dark nail paints. So I thought why not lets go for a perfect nail paint brand apt for season.

Now, Sugar is a well known brand and quite famous among us…from lip make up to eye makeup and quite alot. I received Sugar Tic Tac Toe classic nail liquor in my October fab bag. This Nail lacquer retails for about 199rps and you can purchase it from Amazon and Sugar site.

The Nail lacquer comes in a thick paper package with all details about the product. The cute colour pot is a double tone glass bottle. It has a soft dense brush which allows even application of nail paint. 

The Nail lacquer is formulated in France and free from all the toxic chemicals which damage the nail enamel. The Nail paint is well pigmented such thwsignle stroke gives perfect finish. The Nail paint is also quick drying. So you don’t have to wait long for any further nail art application or for the top coat.

The nail pain is quite runny in consistency and gives a very smooth finish. But the nail paint has a strong chemical smell which I couldn’t identify.

The Sugar Nail lacquer last for 2-3 day’s without chipping and so the glossy finish stays for then. And I love such long lasting finish. After a week I saw the nail paint was gone from tue edges and root part of my nails. Well to be framk it’s obvious as we are also into our household cores.

Overall it’s definitely a good option to stack up. There are 15 pretty shades in the same range. Do have a look….

Enjoy your pretty nails with Sugar Tic Tac Toe Nail Liquor as I do…….

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