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L’Oréal 6in 1 oil shampoo

Every girls dreams to have long shiny and lustrous hairs. And like every Grany’s tale…my Grandmother also said, ” Apply pure coconut oil, your hairs will grow fast”. And same after I stepped into my teen like every other girl I hated applying oil. Like it was my worst nightmare. And resultant hair fall, lifeless and frizzy hair. I always choose a shampoo which supports nourishment and is anti -hair fall, anti- dandruff variants.    

Product Claim :

The Loreal Laboratories have infused 6 nutritive oils in a shampoo that makes hair and scalp feel nourished and gives 6 sensational benefits.

So nourishing, it makes hair look healthy and beautiful with a spectacular shine with every wash.

Direction to use:

Apply it on wet hair, lather and then rinse-off. Not to be used for children under 3 year of age. In case contact with eyes, rinse it immediately

Ingredients :


60rps for 75ml.

My Experience :

I don’t have and proper hair care routine. I go for a hair wash when ever i feel that my hairs are super sticky as i have oily scalp. Even if i don’t oil every second day after shampoo bath my hair tend to look oily and sticky. At times it really smells more of sweat. So i alway choose a mild cleanser which can be used on daily basis.

Few days back the classy golden bottle attracted me. I use a squeeze full of shampoo and apply it on my wet hairs. It smell of caramel, and lathers fairly. It made my hairs soft and shiny right from the first use. Thus the conditioner wasn’t really necessary.

A Brand like L’Oreal is always expected to be more on positive side. After consistent use my hair started to weigh down, which i wasn’t expecting. It also did nothing to my dandruff and resultant it caused itching. I din’t expect this from a nourishing shampoo. Along with style we also need to concentrate on healthy hair too. So it’s a big no from my side. May be a person with dry and frizzy hair would find this beneficial. 

Overall,  it didn’t help me much but a person with dry hair would definitely be benefited.

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