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Fiama Shower gel

Back in college days I was in love with fiama gel bar’s but I never tried the shower gel. Recently I rediscover my love through the shower gel. As winters are commencing it’s important for us to take better care of our skin. A good moisturising shower gel and lotion as well. I prefer shower gel because they don’t dry the skin much.

So I thought my review might be helpful for you to choose a better one for you too. Let’s get started with this.
Product Claims :

A mood uplifting shower gel that deep moisture your skin and makes it bouncy.

Ingredients :

Price :

90 rps for 100 ml

Package :

The Shower gel comes in a decent sleek transparent plastic bottle with all the details regarding the product written on it. the package is decent though it is not leak proof as a little pressure on bottle might open the cap and spill the product.

Fragrance and colour :

The shower gel is transparent orange gel with small orange beads in it. The shower gel smells refreshing and mild.

Texture and Consistency :

The shower gel is very soft and thin with small beads in it which dissolve later on rubbing against body. The shower gel lathers fairly as it should do.

My Experience with Fiama Di Wills Shower gel:

I take a squeeze of shower gel on a wet loafa (the one which i got free with this), and rub it along the body. The Shower gel lathers fairly and is a very gentle cleanser. The Shower gel removes all the dirt and make the skin soft and moisturised upto certain extend.

The skin looks shiny and nourished but a dry skin person would definitely required a moisturiser after shower. I really don’t know the science behind the beads in the shower gel as it does nothing. I guess it’s just dissolves. But i do admit that it doesn’t with stand the claim of providing deep moisture. It just make that skin look better texture wise and a shine for limited period of time. Peach and avocado formula might not work for extremely dry skin.

Ingredients wise also it din’t please me. It’s hard to believe that the product you loved blindly contains SLS and it’s not recommended to use. But if you are the one who doesn’t mind words like SLS and Paraben can make it as a choice.

Overall it’s a decent affordable shower gel which provides a little extra care. I would definitely purchase this as i loved my skin after every shower and the refreshing fragrance also pleased me. you can buy this shower gel online Amazon or it’s also available almost in every leading supermarket near by you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. If you have used this do share your experience in the comment section and do share my post on social media’s.

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