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My SkinCare Routine With The Blend It Raw Apothecary

Hey Guys,

       I Hope you are doing good. In the month of August, I bought few skin care products from Blend It Raw Apothecary. OfCourse a good skin ritual includes cleansing, exfoliating, mask and moisturising. Now it’s been really long time like real good for two month’s since i have started using this brand. And I must say that my skin is really behaving in a good manner. I have oily and acne prone skin, Yes and not the usual one but with lots n lots of spots.


All the recipe’s of this simple routine is suggested by brand. The advantage in buying these products is that you can try new DIY recipes and all the product provided are full sized. So no doubt it will last for really long time.

Cleanser :

I use Bentonite clay and Dried Rose Powder, both in equal quantity and make a paste of it and rub it gently on my face. I Gently rub it for 1-2 mins and wash it with cold water. I makes my skin super clean by taking away all the dirt and excess oil. The bentonite clay from this brand is so pure and fine in texture and it smells like fuller’s earth or multhani mitti.

At times I go with the green gram flour from super market and the rose petals powder make a paste and use it as cleanser. It really removes all the excess oil and dirt making skin smooth and soft. Rose petals add a glow onto the skin and also provides the necessary moisture.


Both the cleansers make my face oil free for good four to five hours. And Also it prevents clogging of pores.

Scrub :

Exfoliation is the most important step as it removes the dead cells and promotes the cell re-generation. Thus it also promotes the blood circulation. I use equal quantity of Hibiscus flower Powder, dried rose petals power to scrub and one drop of power oil. The Texture of this powder is little coarse and it will hurt if you go harsh with it. But then it is pure and hand-made. Hence, it is not finely powdered as the machine once.

  • Hibiscus Flower : Hibiscus being natural source of AHA it removes the dead cells and makes son look radiant and glow. It is rich source of organic acids from plans and thus helps in cell turn over cycle.
  • Rose Petals :  The Rose Flower is rich source of antioxidant and vitamin C. It also has anti-inflammatory property. It soothe skin and prevents acne and controls the sebum.


I use scrub twice a week. This Exfoliator make my skin look radiant and also is good for acne marks.

Face Pack:

One scoop of bentonite clay and a pinch of charcoal powder along wit hone drop of power oil. I make a paste of it a apply it evenly all over my face and neck. And yes never forget your new region when you apply mask as it also needs the necessary attention as the face needs.

  •  The Bentonite clay has amazing detoxification properties and it removes all the impurities that degrade the look of healthy skin.
  • The  Activated Charcoal sucks all the dirt from the pores and controls the sebum production. It treats acne and also calms the pain caused due to bug bite or any other skin irritation. It also helps to get rid of toxins which effect the skin.
  •  Power Oil is the facial care oil. It is a blend of various essential oils like carrot seed oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, cedar wood and frankincense oil. This blend has anti inflammatory and properties to prevent acne.

I usually apply the face mask once in a week. But owing to the necessity i apply it again if required. It makes my face very clean and removes all the excess oil.

The Only negative i felt with this mask is that one should be very careful with the quantity of charcoal powder as it leaves the ashy residue behind.

Face Oil :

I was recommended to use the grape seed oil. As its the best suited for oily and acne prone skin. I take four drops of grapeseed oil and one drop of power oil ,warm it along my palms. And then i gently press it along my face skin and neck. This oil being so light and non greasy gets absorbed easily. It  works great for acne marks and also on dark circles.


Now more than one and half month i’m following the same skin care routine. And I’m so impressed with the quality and quantity the brand provides. The Products are so pure and formulations of each are result oriented.

I highly recommend to give a try with this brand as all the products are hand-made and chemical free and made out of too much love.

You can also customise your box according to your skin concerns and personal requirement. So choose your products wisely and ya do ask brands advice as ultimately they know the composition and mixture better. These products costed me around 1600 + 80 delivery charge, which is really affordable as it’s gonna last for long. Like you’ll be sorted for two to three month with healthy skin.

You can place your order through their Instagram or Facebook.

I hope this post was helpful for you. Will meet you guys with another product and my views about it……

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