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BLiscent’s Strawberry Body Polish

Skin Looks dull and less lively often, when dead cells accumulate over and over again. When such situation occurs it clogs the pores leading bumps and acne on body. Our cell turn over is as slow as cell generation. Thus it is always recommended to use a scrub or body polish to remove the dull dead skin. It helps to make the the skin soft and smoother than ever. And it makes the skin look more radiant and shiny.

 Few days back I bought BLicent’s Strawberry body polish. Well, this is my first body scrub or exfoliator. The Moment i got my hands on it, I opened it and the fragrance was mesmerising, Like real fruity blast.

Product Claims:

Scrub away the dry skin with this delicious sugar based scrub.

Price :

300 rps for 100 grams.

Ingredients :

Almond Oil, Beeswax, Coffee Powder, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Sugar.

Other Variants :

Coffee Body Polish.

Package :

The body polish comes in a decent , sturdy transparent plastic jar with a screw cap. All the details regarding the product is written on it.

Colour And Fragrance :

The Body polish is pale baby pink in colour. The body polish smells like fresh strawberry fruit.

Texture  And Consistency:

Texture is little coarse as the sugar granules the are little big. The beeswax in it gives it a soft base. The Scrub is thick but partially you can see the olive oil in it.

My Experience :

I use the strawberry body polish once or twice a week if necessary. I usually use this after my body wash. I take generous amount of body polish using a wooden spatula and rub it on my wet skin. I go very softly with it as the sugar granules are quite hard and quick rub might hurt.

The Baby pink polish turns white while comes in a contact with water. And you can feel the body polish on your skin. The Beeswax gives a smooth base to rub it along the skin. The Sugar in it are very big and harsh, it doesn’t dissolve.

The fragrance of the body polish is so refreshing and it calms the body, making the inner soul stress free. The Fruity fragrance of the body polish lasts for quite long time.

After washing the body polish, it not only removed the dead cells but also made my skin soft and radiant. My skin was feather soft and and the fragrance of the body polish was all over and around for quite long time. My skin was moisturised and shiny. The moisture on my skin was for quite long time but still i recommend using a light moisturiser over again. if you have dry skin then definitely you need a heavy moisturiser after shower.

The Best part is that this brand is handmade and chemical free, thus best to be used for healthy skin.

The Expiry of this product totally depends on how you use it. Use a spoon or spatula to scoop out the product. Using wet hands might spoil the product.

Over all, this is a very good body polish to make your skin festive ready.

What I Like about this body Polish ?

  • It makes skin soft, supple and radiant.
  • Moisturises the skin.
  • fragrance is refreshing and last for longer.
  • Non- irritating fragrance.
  • skin looks shiny and clear
  • affordable
  • Preservative free

What I Don’t Like About This  Body Polish ?

  • The texture is a bit coarse and the sugar granules might hurt.

Looking for  the best luxurious body polish in affordable price…! then definitely you should try BLiscent’s Strawberry Body Polish. It’s definitely worthy to buy and one of the best to give a try. You can order your favourite one from their website. And their customer service is really awesome and satisfying.

If you had already tried, Do share your experience in the comment section. I hope you enjoyed reading, would meet you guy’s with another new product and my experience with it.

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  1. Wow!! I love strawberry body products… I had used the body shop strawberry body polish in the past and quite liked it… will checkout this one soon

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