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The Face Shop Brightening Face Mask

Hey Peeps,

Nykaa sale is going on, I thought may be i should review some real good sheet mask for yo. So that you can make use of.this festive offers…

Tadaaa…The Face Shop Brightening Face Mask.


I had this sheet mask lying in my shelf for quite a long time, so thought why not use it today. Lets get into this………

The Face Shop Brightening sheet mask belongs to their The Solution collections. This Sheet is an ultimate beauty saviour as it eventually brightens and hydrates the dry and dulls skin.

Product Description :

Ingredient List :

Price :
150 Rps for 1 sheet.

Package :

The Sheet mask comes in a thick white pack with foil lining in the inner part of the pack, making it leak proof. All the details regarding the claims, usage direction, price and ingredients list are written on it.

My Experience :

The Sheet is semi-transparent and 0.21mm in thickness and is very light on skin and adheres very easily on it. the Sheet is dipped generously in transparent serum. The Serum is gel based and consists of pearl powder and Niacinaminde which brightens the dull skin. It helps to keep the skin clean and clear. The serum is also non-sticky and gets absorbed easily.

The Sheet is provided with another foil sheet which helps in ease of application. Like every other Face Shop sheet mask , this sheet mask also has cut opens for eyes, nose and mouth. I took the foil sheet and kept the mask for good 20 minutes.

It gave a chillness on to my skin. I had little excess serum, which i kept for later use. It felt soothing and refreshed. even after 15 mins the sheet was wet and cool.

The Fragrance of serum is so mild, refreshing and non disturbing too.

After removing the sheet, the first thing i notices was my complexion. I took the remaining serum from the pack and applied it on my face. Again I let it to work for ten minutes and gave gentle tapping motions. It brightened my dull skin and acne scars appeared to be blur. It also hydrated my skin to good extent. It completely does its job perfectly in brightening up the dull skin. It also calmed the tiny bumps in my skin.

Initially my face was little sticky but later on all the serum was absorbed. Few people might feel it weird, so its totally fine to splash water and wipe it up with a clean tissue. 

But I doubt this might not be much helpful for people with extremely dry skin. So I would recommend you to go with a daily moisturise after removing this mask. But Normal to Oily skin wouldn’t need that.

So three facts 1. Clean 2. Hydrates 3. Brightens.

Best part is that these are free from parabens.

Thus, running late for function, Go for this sheet mask. But then Results doesn’t last for longer duration. If there are 5 Pro’s then you have to deal with one Con.

The other fact i notices was it has alcohol. Usually alcohol cause breakout but i din’t notice any negative reactions or breakouts. So, Ya good for Oily and acne Prone skin too.

What I Like About This Sheet Mask?

  • Affordable
  • Cleans, Brightens and Hydrates
  • Travel friendly pack
  • Non sticky serum
  • Rejuvenates the skin and imparts a healthy glow

What I Don’t Like About This Sheet Mask ?

  • Results doesn’t last longer
  • Consists of alcohol
  • Wouldn’t work great on dry skin.

Overall this sheet mask is totally worthy to try Or use when you are in need of instant cleanup or brightening effect for skin. you can buy yours from Amazon and Nykaa

This festive season do try The Face Shops Brightening Sheet Mask and Let me Know your views in the comment section.

will meet you guys with another amazing product….. Until then byeeee…..



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