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Tresemmé Detox and Restore Shampoo

Changing climate, pollution, oily scalp and dull hairs is an alarm for you to take proper care of your hairs. Care for hair is equivalently important as you take care of other parts of your body. In such case a professional treatment gives better results. 

Tresemmé is a has come up with new botanique range with solutions for various concerns. One if those is Tresemmé Detox and Restore shampoo. As the brand claims these are everyday usage shampoo.

What Tresemmé Claims :

Detox your way to stunning, healthy looking hair with every wash. Our expertly crafted system, gently purifies hair from daily residue build uo without parabens or dyes. Formulas with our blend of neem and ginseng, help nourish weak and damaged cuticles reviving hair and restoring manageability 

  • Expertly crafted system is infused, gently purifies hair from daily residue build up
  • Without paraben and dyes
  • Formulas with botanical blend of ginseng and neem.
  • Helps nourishing week and damaged cuticles in reviving hair and restoring manageability. 
  • Safe for colour treated hairs.

Ingredients :

Price :
70rps for 80ml, 150rps for 190ml, 480rps for 580ml.

My Take on Tresemmé Detox and Restore Shampoo :

Tresemmé Detox and restore shampoo comes in a dark green plastic squeeze bottle of similar package as that of other Tresemmé range. All the details regarding the product are written on it. The conditioner comes in similar white colour bottle. Package is spill proof and travel friendly. 

This shampoo is clear gel,  a little thick and it lathers as required. It has non- disturbing fragrance and it goes with few minutes of hair wash.

I take a coin size of amount and work it into lather by giving gentle massage. I massage it for a minute and wash it with cold water. I don’t prefer warm or hot water for hair wash. 

It removes all the dirt and excess oil from the scalp. But at the same time it doesn’t dry the scalp, it provides the necessary moisture.  I also had minute inflammations due to changing weather, it did calm the irritation on it and soothed the scalp.

 Post washing hair look shiny and healthy. It provides the necessary moisture. It also reduced my dandruff but not completely. 

Ingredients wise neem in it has anti-fungal property and ginseng in it promotes hair growth nourishes hairs.

The most important fact is that it didn’t weigh down my hair. It is also perfect for color treated hair. 

Being an SLS content shampoo I expected few negatives but no it didn’t not show any adverse effects. 

But I went through few other reviews, few mentioned above hair loss. It also depends on food climate as well. So I suggest you to go for smaller version and try it. If it suits you then go for the bigger one.

Overall,  for me it worked well. And like Tresemmé claims, it did provide that professional kinda hair wash for me without a professional price tag.

They also have another variants do try according to your concern. 

I hope you enjoyed my review. Will meet you guys with another lovely product.

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