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Neemli Greem Tea Lips Scrub

July Glamego Subscription box came up with so many pretty and useful products. One of those is Neemli Green Tea lip Scrub. 

We all buy worthy lip products. We think that brands speak well. But we miss out the lip care part. Lip balm and lip Scrub are also as important as buying a good lipstick. 

To be frank, this is my first lip scrub. And ya, don’t have misconceptions that I have pretty pink lips. My lips tend to get dry, chappy and flaky. Lately I got pigmentations too. 


Green tea, beeswax, raw sugar, coconut oil and almond oil.



Why Neemli’s Green tea lip scrub?  

The Neemlis lips scrub comes ina very cute little tub like package with screw cap. It has additional lip to make it spill proof. 

The Neemli’s Green tea scrub did work pretty well for me. I take a little amount and rub it on my lips. I move my ring finger very gently over my lips with the scrub. The sugar ganules of  scrub are not very coarse, so don’t worry it’s not gonna hurt you. But still I prefer gentle motion. Well….! It tastes sweet 

The Lip scrub is soft with minute sugar granules. Bee’s wax in it gives it a soft texture. The lip scrub is transparent with dark green hue in it. The scrub smell more of green tea and dry coconut. It has no preservatives and chemicals in. Thus, 100% natural and pure.

Ingredient wise also this scrub is really good. Green tea in it prevents infections and bleeding from dry chapped lips. Almond oil is always considered as a good moisturizer. Raw sugar exfoliates the dead cell and primi Beeswax is most important constituent in lip balm or lip products. Beeswax are rich in vitamin E and has anti inflammatory and antiseptic property. Also it is moisturising. 

Efficacy of Neemli Green tea lip Scrub:

The Lip Scrub removed dead cells and made my chapped, dry lip soft in texture. It worked fairly on my pigmentation and lines on my lips. As far as pigmentations are not completely gone but they have started to disappear. But it has started to blur to great extent. I shall keep updating you regarding, it’s  work on pigmentations.

Though it is moisturising,  I wouldn’t deny the face that it makes my lips go dry. So post usong this I use a good lip balm. For now I use Blicent’s Raspberry lip balm. It is a good one. And I’ll review it soon.

Overall it is nice product.  It works great on dry chapped and pigmented lip. 

Inhope you enjoyed reading… So what you do to get rid of dried and chapped lip….

Will be back with another lovely post…until then bubye….😘😘😘😘😊😊😊

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