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TRESemmé Spa Rejuvenation  Nourish and Revive Shampoo

A women always considers hairs as natural crown. We want our hair to be thicker stronger, shiny and soft as well. And to have shiny and glossy hair on daily basis is something which is not possible. At times hair becomes dry and frizzy or it is sticky and oily. 

And Yeah😒😵….we can’t spent thousand bucks for hair spa on daily basis or more often. 

To make our life sorted…😉 TRESemmé has come up with it’s new range TRESemmé spa rejuvenation nourish and revive shampoo. Now this is especially formulated for indian hairs. Thus, can be used daily to get salon quality services without salon price tag.

Tresemmé Claims :
Nourish your scalp and give your hair tue benefits of spa at home. our fresh scented, professional grade formulas, infused with hydrating marine minerals complex and essential nutrients, deeply nourish your scalp. 

Results: your hair is gently cleansed and moisturized, it looks thicker and shinier. 

Usage Direction :

Apply to wet hair,  gently massage the scalp and roots with fingertips to work into lather. For a complete hair spa benefit, follow with TREsemmé SPA Rejuvenation conditioner after each use.

Ingredients list :

Hair type: Suitable for all kind of hairs.

Price :

133 rps for 190 ml. 

My Experience with TRSemmé Spa Rejuvenation shampoo :

The Shampoo comes in a regular cylindrical black colored bottle. The conditioner comes in a similar white colour bottle. 

I wet my hair and take two squeeze of shampoo. I massage it well for a minute to work into lather. I wash it with cold water as I don’t prefer warm water for hair wash. My scalp is bit oily, hence I take shampoo bath atlest 4 to 5 times a week. 

Consistency  : The Shampoo is milk coloured with some shiny granule in it. It is little thick and runny but soft in texture. But I prefer to dilute it with water before application. 😉 

Fragrance: This shampoo has a very strong floral scent but it becomes less intence after hair wash.

This shampoo made my hair really soft and shiny. It removed all dirt and also moisturised my scalp. My hair improved texture wise and gave a healthy look. It didn’t weigh down my hair. And I didn’t not suffer any other allergic reaction. If you oil your hair before shampooing 

Marine minerals in it are source of extra protein required for nourishment and healthy scalp. Though it doesn’t help in faster hair growth. Also I haven’t used the conditioner following the shampoo as I didn’t felt necessity of it.

But then only con I felt was,  it consists of sodium laureth sulphate. As it may have some advese effects post regular usage. 

Overall it’s worthy to try once but again prolonged use of product with SLS is always harmful….. 

I hope you enjoyed reading……. 😄😄😄😄😄 Do let me know your favorite spa therapy in comment section….. 

19 thoughts on “TRESemmé Spa Rejuvenation  Nourish and Revive Shampoo

  1. I used this brand and its shampoo and conditioner also. But it is not as good as it looks. Because of its regular use my hair fall problem increases very much. And when I noticed this I immediately stop using this shampoo. I think its my personal experience hope the same not happens with you all. Like your honest review on this shampoo.

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  2. I am not a Tresemme shampoo’s fan… I have tried long back when they had launched in India first time and don’t know why it didn’t suit my hair at all.. You have reviewed well..


  3. I’ve used Tresemme shampoos long back and yeah they perform well in terms of results. But ad you said long term use of chemicals is not good. So I had avoided them.

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