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Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hair fall Shampoo

Well Post pregnancy all women face alot of hormonal imbalance,  lack of supplements leading to obesity,  weakness and hairfall. Post pregnancy hair fall became my biggest concern. Hence I opted to try “Garniers New Ultra Blend Anti – hair fall shampoo”. 

Product Claims:

 Important Ingredients :
Royal jelly and Lavender 

What is Royal Jelly? 

Royal jelly is bee’s secretion,  gelatinous substance from worker bee’s which are fed to Queen bee for it’s growth. This royal jelly provives all the necessary nutrients for hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Lavender: It improves the blood circulation in scalp and promotes the hair growth. It also prevents breakage and split ends.

Price :

55rps for 75 ml.

My Claims

The Garnier Ultra Blends Shampoo comes in a attractive plastic bottle with bronze cap. It is a squeeze bottle. 

The Shampoo is white coloured and the consistency is neither very thick nor too runny. I take necessary amount of product and apply it on my wet hairs. I gently massage it and it fairly lathers. After a minute of massage I wash it of. First of all it makes my hair soft, shiny and bouncy. 

Why massage? Because lavender in it promotes blood circulation in your scalp. Thus strengthens your roots and promo hair growth. 

It provides the necessary moisture to your hair. But my scalp being oily, I felt little sticky on the third day after use. And I felt the necessary of using it twice to thrice a week. But ya it didn’t cause any excess damage to my hair or scalp. At times I feel itchiness on my scalp which was gone. 

The Royal jelly in it prevent hair loss, primotes growth and also combats dandruff. 

Honey and amla nourishes and gives shine to hairs.

The brand claims to be free from paraben but them Sls is there to irk you.

Though it claims to prevent hair loss, it doesn’t give its 100% as it jus control upto certain extent. And more over depending on a shampoo completely for preventing hair loss is blind faith. You should also stick to a good diet. Like rich source of iron, vitamin and proteins. Proper oiling also add up.

Overall, I felt it that it performs fair. Though it doesn’t work much on hair loss as claims, it nourishes hair. 

I Rate it 3.5/5. Its just a good shampoo. 😁😁😀

I hope my review helped you…….. 😊😊😊😊

18 thoughts on “Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hair fall Shampoo

  1. I have a major hair fall problm. I used many of different shampoos of different brand but of no use. I used this garnier hair fall shampoo also but nothing happened with my hair. This shampoo works the same as others did. So not much happy with this shampoo. It just smoothes my hair for some time. But i like your honest review.

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