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Organique Skin Care

Hey guys,

 I’m back with new organic skin care range from the brand “Organique”. I got to knw about this brand through Instagram. Well,… Thanks to Instagram which brought this amazing skin care range to lime light. 

organique is run by Sandhya, hydrabad based person. You can order the products through their Facebook page or Intagram. The products are purely handmade and free from SLS and paraben. 

It’s been a month since I have started using their products.  And trust me the results are really amazing. My new skincare routine consists of 

  • Organique Cleanser for sensitive skin
  • Face scrub for oily / Acne prone skin
  • Organique Detox face mask
  • Organique face mask for oily / Acne prone skin 
  • Organique Renewal serum

Organique Cleanser for sensitive skin :

 This cleanser is made with goodness of almond powder,  coconut milk powder,  papaya powder, chamomile flower powder,  chamomile essential oil. This cleanser is enriched with vitamin C & E and anti inflammatory properties. You need a small quantity of powder, make paste of it and a rub it on to face in circular motion for a minute. Wash it of with cold water. The Cleanser gives a glow to skin, removes dead cells. Though being coarse it doesn’t hurt even if you have pimples.

Price :

300rps for 30 gms.

Organique Face Scrub for Oily / Acne prone skin :

The Scrub is powdered form but still its not very fine. The Scrub is consists of orange peel,  lemon peel, cardamom powder, peppermint powder, kasturi manjal, tea tree and peppermint essential oil. Rich in vitamin C, this scrub smoothed my skin and gave a shine. It also removed the dead cells. The peppermint essential oil has anti microbial property which helps in calming, the redness or any pain in acne, giving it a soothing effect. The tre tree essential oil helps in drying out acne, if there are any. Dislike other scrubs it really tastes bitter, take it as my warning… Trust me you don wanna eat it.

Price :

300rps for 30gms.

Organique Detox Face Mask :

Now its turn for the star product,  this mask works amazing. This mask is made from goodness of Rhassoul clay,  bentonite clay, aloe vera powder, calendula powder, activated charcoal, rose petals powder and green tea powder. The mask is finely powders and after making paste it smells of rose. Take small quantity of it and make paste by either using water or rose water. Apply it on your face. Keep it for good 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it of with cold water. It washes off all the dirt and minor tans. Best part is that it dries up active acne right after first use. Having so many anti oxidant properties it makes your skin look clean and clear. 

I use it weekly one’s or depending on my mood swing I use it again if necessary. 

Price :

300 rps for 30 mg.

Organique Face Mask For Oily / Acne Prone Skin :

This Face mask is made from Kaolin clay, peppermint powder, basil powder, neem leaf powder, cinnamon powder, tomato powder, clove powder,nutmeg powder and essential oil of tea tree, lemon and lavender. Smells of neem and bitter in taste, this face mask consists of all ingredients which combats acne problem and prevents from reoccurring.  It retains the necessary moisture required for skin and improved the complexion as well. It exfoliates and its anti-bacterial  property cures acne completely, prevents re-occurrence.

Price :

300rps for 30gms.

Organique Renewal Serum :

Literally, its a magic potion.. My liquid gold. The serum is blend various oils. It consists of jojoba oil with herbs infused. The herbs are red clover flowers, rosehip, fennel seeds, calendula, rose petals and lavender. Perfect blend of turmeric oil, black cumin seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, helichrysum, lavender essential oil,  vitamin E and hazel nut oil. It is yellow colored and non greasy in texture.  Take two to three drops and apply it with gentle strokes of circular motion post cleansing. It smell divine of herbs. I recommend you to use it in night as our cell tend to be calm and its the repairing time.  And moreover usage in day time can alter the ingredients properties leading to some negative aspects. It doesn’t breakout even if you have oily skin so you don’t have to think about that side.

Price :

400 for 30ml.

All the product’s I received was in good condition and packed safely with bubble wrap. The only con I found was the individual package didn’t have the product description or claims. Well, I request sandhya to put that to as people will find it easier in choosing better option for them….

I’m working on individual reviews also…so stay tuned… Until then…..

                  Bye And Take care…. 😘😘😘😘

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