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The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Face Mask

Hello guys,  I’m back with another sheet mask. I’m currently in love with sheet masks as its so easy to use and results are amazing . Its almost equivalent to a salon clean up. 

I’ve already tried the peony flower range from The Face shop, So I opted to try few other variants too. 

Product Description :
A sheet mask that calm the sensitive skin with the nature rice essence, The Real Nature Rice face mask by The Face Shop is here to transform your skin. Your skin will be soft and supple in couple of minutes with this mask, leaving you look effortlessly flawless. The Rice extracts with its soothing properties offers softness and hydration. 

Ingredients And Direction To Use :

My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Face Mask :

The Sheet mask comes in a thick pack. The Face mask is dipped generously in serum of goodness. The moment I placed the sheet mask, it gave a soothing effect on to my skin. It had cut opens for eyes, nose and mouth. I kept the sheet for good 30 minutes though it uad mentioned for lesser time. 

Like all other sheet mask The Rice Face mask is made up of thin cotton sheet which prevents the serum from getting dried up.

There was some excess serum which I applued over the mask after placing it on my face. The Serum had a mild fragrance which was non disturbing and vanished within few minutes of application. The Serum was slightly in colour of starch. 

I took off the sheet after 30 minutes and almost the sheet became dry. And I massaged the left over on my face with gentle strokes of circular motion. I got deep in to my skin so easily.  Owing to the type of skin, tye serum might initially give you a sticky feel but then tue results were commendable.  The Serum didn’t harm or cause breakout. 

Post removal of my mask the skin looks well hydrated. My face had a healthy glow and clean. It improved my skin texture very well making it soft n supple. All the dry patches were just gone.
It also helps your foundation to glide easily. It also calms the irritation on pimples if you have any. 

 As far as the complexion is concerned, it just removes minor tan and gives you a clean and clear skin. But then may be post use of several sheet mask with in regular intervals, this might give you a whitening or brightening effect which you are looking for. 

Though its pataben free but then it contains alcohol which might have some adverse effects on skin. And the most important drawback is the results are really temporary. As the effect of sheet masks last only for two to three days. 

So ya, thats it……This sheet mask is worthy buy. But alcohol in the ingredients list irk’s me. 

Have you u tried this..? Leme know your favorite sheet mask and its effects… 


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