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Organique Cleanser For Sensitive Skin 

Organique is an Indian brand,  Hyderabad based product which delivers natural skin care products for all skin concerns. The products are totally free from paraben, SLS and no artificial colours or fragrance. 

Ingredients :

Almond powder, coconut milk powder, papaya powder, chamomile flower powder, chamomile essential oil.

Direction to Use :

Take a small quantity in your palm and mix it with water.  Rub it on face in circular motion for a minute and wash it of with cold water. 

Price :

300rps for 30gms.

Benefits of Ingredients :

Almond :

Almonds are rich source of vitamin E. It reduces signs of ageing, lightens the skin and nourishes the skin.  It improves the skin tone, skin texture and repairs skin damages. It also speeds up cell renewal process and retains youthful skin. It is a very good anti-oxidant also. 

Coconut milk powder :

Coconut milk powder evens out the skin. It removes minor tans as well. It naturally improves the skin tone amd hydrates well to provide soft and supple skin. 

Chamomile flower Powder and Chamomile Essential oil :

Chamomile has antiseptic and anti inflammatory property.  It protects skin from radical damages or any other skin troubles. It helps to fade spots. It also eliminates good old acne scars and fights breakouts. 

Papaya :

Papaya has high content of Vitamins C compared to carrot. It is effective against signs of ageing and helps in skin lightening. It hydrates the skin. Fades skin spots and pigmentations.. It also treats wrinkles and fine lines.

My Experience :

The Cleanser comes in a sturdy plastic tub with another air tight lid provided inside to keep it moisture free. Well…! This is my second experience with powder cleanser previously I was using Jc’s Bulgarian lavender and black rice cleanser. 

The Cleanser is not fine powder, a little coarse but its perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin as it doesn’t hurt. It can also serve the purpose of a scrub. 

This is specially formulated for sensitive skin, the almond powder in it helps in combating against acne. All the ingredients in it like papaya,  coconut milk powder, almond work so well to give instant result right from the first day of use. Leaving behind clean and glowing skin,  it also fades the under eye dark circles..  It keeps the skin oil free for good 4-5 hours. It also removes the dead cells making skin clean and clear. 

This cleanser is free from artificial color and fragrance.  Its smells more of almond.  The Aroma is quite tempting but please don’t dare to eat it… 😜😜😝 

Unlike other cleansers or face washes it does leave skin very dry . It provides necessary moisture for the skin. So this cleanser is good for both dry as well as oily skin. 

It not only evens the skin tone but also gave me a glowing skin and yeah improved my skin texture too. Trust me, you would keep on touching your cheeks now and then. 

The Expiry of product totally depends on the way how you use it. Don’t use hands to take product.  Keep a separate spoon or a wooden spatula would serve the purpose better.

You can order this through their Facebook page or Instagram @organique8

Totally no chemicals, no paraben and my rating for this product is 5/5.

I’m in love with this. Thank you Sandhya for such an amazing product.  

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