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My New love Matrikas Women Journal 

The Art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” 

Well, unlike every blogger I am not a big fan of journals or any other creative diary.  I usually use my father’s office dairy which he gets every year 😉😉😉 yeah…! Economic indeed… 😎. But I have seen in insta,  a number of blogger’s posting about buying new planner and journal, which craved me to get one for me. And ya..! Matrikas Women Journal was one such journal to be fallen for.

About SFA :

Matrikas is launched in 2011 owned by Sivakasi based Srinivas fine atrs print ltd, a Srinivas Groups.  The company operates various bussiness segments: paper & board,  printing inks, adhesives, pigments and ornamental fish farm. Srinivasan groups are concerned about welfare of society by contributing in local economy. The really do work for good cause from providing education to creating new job opportunities,  from go green causes by tree plantation to rain water harvesting. 

Talking about Matrikas collection then don’t worry, they do a have stock of good collection of diary, notebooks, journals and office stationery like something for everyone types. Check out there collections Here.

Matrikas Women Journal are designed in four different models which reflect the creativity and feminism. Each one has differ colour design and ofcourse a theme.

  • Butterfly – to dream (pink)
  • Dragon fly – to fly (dark brown) 
  • Feather -to write (red)
  • Fish – to glide (blue) 


     A Way to My Dreams :

    When I enrolled for this campaign, I saw this women jounal had four design with four different theme, which was something new. I choosed Butterfly -to dream. Because I believe that “  a write  is natural dreamer – a cautious dreamer. Dreams become reality as a result of strong determination and hard work. 

    This Pretty jounal is so catchy and bright coloured with golden butterfly which gives it a feminine touch. The binding is sturdy. The papers quite thick and good quality which allows pen to glide smoothly. 

    Special Features Of Matrikas Women Journals:

    Personal Data :

     The first page for filling personal data. Yeah..! You got it…incase of emergency it will help you.

    Ruled Sheets :

    No matter you how advanced you gadgets are no pleasure will beat the immense pleasure of writing on a paper. Do focus and scribble your dream storyline. 

    Adult Colouring Sheets :

    I know you  may be thinking why colouring sheet ? We all know that coloring is also an art, a way to express imagination and our creativity. These coloring sheets will spark the kid inside you. It will relive your stress and increase positivity with in you. And I loved this part of it because since childhood I love drawing and painting. 

    Doodle Sheets :
    We all have done this during our school and college day’s during that boring hour at the corner of our pages or backn of class notebooks. Thank you matrikas, as you know us better.

    Stickers :
    Pretty Stickers with pretty  with pretty thoughts. Isn’t it cool…..😎

    Books to be Read :

     Make a check list,  read more and write more.

    Place to be Visited :

    Yeah…! A writer should always have fun. So, love adventure. 

    Name & Address :

    Jot down necessary contacts. 

    Pouch and Elastic for safe locking :

    Pouch for keeping business cards or any other important papers safe. 

    And Last, an elastic that binds everything together and prevent it from falling apart. 

    Why Matrikas Women Journal :

    Inspired by  nature,  reflecting creativity and feminine behaviour. Matrikas will give you a way to express your heart. It has doodling and coloring activity which calms down anxiety and relives stress. Pretty stickers with imaginary thoughts would bring smile on your lips. Pages to jot down the list of activities will boost your enthusiasm and aspiration. It is a chronicle which when read again would make your memories fresh and will tempt you to relive it again. And you know the best part… No where year is mentioned sooo… You can use it till your done with it.

    Matrika’s women jounal is to fill a womens life with lots and lots of joyous events.  It is a reminder for you to stop and enjoy every element of nature around you. 

     “Thank you Matrikas for such a wonderful jounal.”

    What are you waiting for……? grab your’s and get yourself indulge in world of dreams and creativity. you can buy these journals from and they are priced at rps 450, which is really affordable. 

    Grab your’s and Scribble your Heart away…comment and leme know your experience with Matrikas Women’s journal or any other stationary range. 

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