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The Face Shop The Real Nature Face Mask With Peony Root Extract 

Hey guy’s 

              I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your weekend….. Yeah ofcourse summer holidays…  So I thought why not I should review a good sheet mask… Which will give you a parlour glow at home in no time.. Today i’ll be reviewing The Face Shop The Real Nature peony face mask.

Basically..  I never knew that peony can be used as skin care product. And I haven’t come across any other product which has peony flowers or its extract. 

First of all,  Peony flowers are important ingredients for skin care in Chinese ancient formula or recipe. These floral extract have a very strong scent and has anti – oxidant properties similar to vitamin E. These are used to boose the microcirculation and cam be used for treating rashes and inflammations.

The Face Shop :

Beauty treasure for million around the globe,  faceshop is a South-korean based skin care line that provides fabulous goodies for your beauty rituals. ranging affordable high quality products born from botany, this sensational brand believes on creating products that stem from a lovely concept of ‘science meets Beauty ‘. In a nutshell,  Faceshop is your ultimate dream destination to treat your skin to it’s best beautiful.

Product Description :

 A Mask sheet that mildly calms sensitive skin with rich sheet that mildly calms sensitive skin with rich essence,  the Real Nature Peony Face Mask is here to transform your skin! Your skin will be soft and supple in a couple of minutes with this Mask, leaving you looking effortlessly flawless.  The Rich extracts, with soothing properties,  offers softness and hydration to skin. So ladies,  this is a mask we absolutely swear by.  Are you ready for gorgeous skin days? We think so! 

  • Contains one single – use face mask
  • This product is dermatologically tested. 
  • Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience. 

    Price and Availability:

     100 rps for 20ml. The Face shop sheet mask are available in Nykaa and Amazon

    My Claims :

    The face shop the real nature’s peony mask is a cotton sheet mask dipped in serum,  extracts of peony flower. 

    The face mask comes in a black thick matte cover with peony flowers image on it and its quite catchy. I loved the package, the entire collection of the real nature mask’s has similar kinda of package. 

    The sheet is as usual a cotton perforated sheet which has aeration which maintain’s natural moisture. It has holes for eyes nose and lips. Like all other sheet I had problem in fixing it onto my face. 

    First,  I cleaned my face with my usual face wash then I applied my sheet mask on my face. I kept my mask for good 20 mins. Asap I placed the sheet mask on to my face it gave a chilling effect,  I guess which was much need for the current climatic situation. 

    The sheet mask had ample amount of serum in it, dipped generously. After minutes when I took it off my face was surprisingly well hydrated I guess which was supposed effect. 

    I took the excess serum  in the pack, and applied it on my face. The consistency of serum was quite thin and easily absorbing and has a cooling effect. 

    I gave gentle massage and tapping motions so that the serum could get absorbed. It didn’t make me feel heavy. Ya….! initially my face was  little sticky but later on my face had a shine and all the excess serum went deep into skin. 

    My skin has a parlour clean up effect. My skin looked soo clean soft and supple. My skin had a natural illuminating radiance. 

    It didn’t irritate my skin. Though I have oily and sensitive skin,  I didn’t breakout nor I had any kind of irritation. 

    The formula of serum is claimed to be without paraben. Hence no harm.

    The smell of the serum is so divine and non-irritating.  It had a similar fragrance of some old talcum powder I guess gokul sandal and it was really strong but that to non – irritating. A few people may find it troubling. 

    The serum has glycerine which hydrates the skin. It has grape fruit extract and castor oil which are another plus. The only drawback is that this mask consists of alcohol, which I wouldn’t recommend.  Because prolonged use may show some adverse effects. 

    If you are looking for some whitening effect then you can avoid this, but if you’re looking for a healthy glow then its a must try product.  It provides you well behaved skin, for ease of makeup application. So you can use it before you get ready for a party or function.  More over its best buy for summer and it calms down your skin.

    Overall its 4/5 for this sheet mask. Do try and leme know your experience.  

                                                        With loves

                                                         The Beauty tyms.😘

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