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Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Lavender and Black Rice Daily Cleanser For Oily Skin 

Hey guys,

I hope you all are fine and I know this time summer is being extra annoying. And like always with this climatic change my skin is also also miss-behaving.  So I decided to try with Juicy Chemistry’s Bulgarian Lavender and Black Rice Daily Cleanser for Oily skin.

Most of you might be familiar with the brand…if you aren’t.. Then let me tell you that Juicy Chemistry is leading Indian brand which delivers 100% natural, chemical free, preservative free and paraben free skin care and hair care products. 

Product Claims :

Does your skin get dull and Oily half way through the  day?  Crave for a quick cleanser cum mask for an instant pick me up! Powerful Black Rice is blended in with gorgeous Organic Bulgarian Lavender essential oil to perk up your skin cells into behaving themselves. Areetha and Rhassoul Clay help control oiliness and gentle adzuki bean with green tea cleanse your skin from deep within leaving shine free and healthy Cooling mint helps to beat the summer heat keeping you refreshed. 

 Ingredients :

Organic Black Rice,  Areetha, Adzuki Bean, Organic Green Tea, Rose petals, Mint leaves, Peppermint Essential Oils, Organic Bulgarian Lavender Essential oil, Organic Orange Essential oil, Bergamot Essential Oil.

Price And Availability :

The Bulgarian Lavender and Black rice Cleanser retails at rps 350 for about 25 g of product. It is available in and in Nykaa. It is also available at Official website of Juicy Chemistry. 

Package :

The cleanser comes in a plastic tub like package with screw cap. Its sturdy and compact.  Initially it is sealed with a silver foil to keep it moisture free. Once its open we can seal it with the help of plastic lid provided in addition to serve the purpose. Thus, package us spill proof. 

Texture And Fragrance :

The Cleanser is not fine powder in texture,  it a bit coarse. It smells strong of lavender and is non-irritating. As soon as you start using this it capms the body and its really refreshing. It looks like herbal mixture and is greenish yellow in colour. 

My Claims :

The Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Lavender and Black Rice cleanser in a tub like packaging. It comes with a wooden spatula to scoop out the cleanser.  
I use a tiny amount of cleanser and make a paste of it. I apply it in circular motion with very less pressure. The product being coarse in texture might hurt you if given excessive pressure. 

This Cleanser removes all impurities,  black heads and white heads. It removes all the excess oil giving you a satin glow. It exfoliates the dead cells making your skin look clean and makes it baby soft. 

Lavender being a good antiseptic calms acne or any other skin irritations. It treats sun burn and also calms down stress. Black rice is a good antioxidant and it retains healthy skin. It helps in reducing wrinkles and scars. Being rich in vitamin e it slows down ageing. It has Areetha and Rhassoul clay that helps to control oil. Adzuki bean and green tea deeply cleanses the skin and gives you shine free glow. The cool mint protects you from sun burn and keeps you refreshed. 

After continuous use I witnessed remarkable change in my skin. It improved my skin texture as well as complexion. It also removed minute sun tan. Even my good ols acne marks were visibly getting light.

As I said its a daily cleanser for oily skin. So dry skin people please stay away from this. I would not suggest this for acne prone and sensitive skinned people. 

Juicy Chemistry also claims that the expiry of the product depends on the way we use it. So don’t dug it with your fingers as it may contaminate the product leading to early expiry. Use the wooden spatula to take product as it prevents contamination and also wood doesn’t react with any ingredients in it.

This face cleanser is really affordable but few find it costly comparing to other liquid cleanser or face wash. Trust me!  its really worthy. Like other mud mask and powser cleanser it is messy. But considering all its benefits these negatives can be neglected. 

For now, Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Lavender and Black rice cleanser is my favourite.  But my hunt for the best is not over.

Comment and leme know your favorite cleanser. 

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