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Summer Essentials Coz It’s Summer Tym….😎

Every year summers commences after April mid but this year I don’t know why but sun started dancing a little early. And Every single day is hotter than the previous one. And taking care of my skin was one of new year resolutions.

This post is no different from others but its just an alarm for you to keep a check on your routine.

Sunscreen :

Apply a good sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage.  While buying a good sunscreen you need to check with the Spf and the TPA. Make sure that your sunscreen is above spf 30 and has PA+++. Apply it on areas which are exposed to sunrays even on ears and neck. Use a body lotion with spf. Don’t forget to moisturise you lips.


Exfoliate your skin atleast once in a week as it helps to remove the dead cells and unclog’s pore. Skin becomes dull and it hindders the cell regeneration process, making skin look dull.  It can also clog pores and cause acne. So…Exfoliate exfoliate…. And use your favorite toner or apply ice.

Water and food :

Keeping your body  cool and hydrated is as important as applying sunscreen. So Drink lots and lots of water. Not only water,  include vegetables and fruits which have high water content, watermelon, snake gourd etc. Including buyter milk after your meal will also help you to keep your body system cool.


Clothing :

We all know that we should use cotton fabric for summer as it gives great comfort. Do we know why..?  For those who don’t know… We use cotton as it absorbs sweat and also allows evaporation of the same keeping the body cool . It also doesn’t irritates our skin. Its always suggested to avoid using black colour as it absorbs heat making you sweat more.

Summer Essential Accessories :

Always have an umbrella, shades,  scarf or hat. As it helps you to protect from direct contact from sun rays. Also, have a coloured umbrella,  as black wouldn’t help you.

If you are going to a beach party then put on a pretty sleeveless dress. And take your essential’s in your tote bag……..😎😎


I hope my post helped you to have a check on your summer essentials……comment and leme know your summer goodies.

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