Must Haves When you are away from Home

Hey guys,

Hope you all are fine and you might have planned your weekend.

Summer is already around and I’m sure most of you are done with your final terms. And I guess your tour and travels are already planned. Since its summer, most of will be heading to hill stations and cool places.


So I thought why not I should dedicate my this post for travellers.

Tickets, Passports and ID proof’s :

Plan your destination and get your tickets confirmed. Keep your Id proof’s and passport along if your travelling to any new place or to an international destination. You’ll never know when you may need of any.

Road Map’s and Contacts :

Keep a check on places you need to visit and also plan your accommodation.  Have a contact with the Hotel person in case if you need any additional information. Keep a road maps if you are planning to explore places on your own.

Basic Skin Care :

Keep a check on climate of the place where you are travelling to. Take the essential accordingly. If you are travelling to a tempered zone then sunscreen is the must. Face wash, body wash and moisturizer’s are mandatory as we do carry those things. If you need your extra skin care product like pimple cream or face serum, you can carry that to.

Makeup :
Well, we all want our pic’s to be a perfect memory. Take your basic kit like your favorite foundation or bb cream. It can also be a tinted moisturizer. I prefer kajal to eyeliner. I don use I eyeshadow much but if you have single pan’s which suit best tyen you can have them. Carry two to three lipper’s. Then ya….you’re done.


Medicines :

Climate and change in food always effect our body. So I recommend you to carry the basic medicines like fever,  vomiting,  food poison medicine along. A band – aid and a pain relief spray are also must.

Camera and Tour Diary :

What’s the use of travelling if you don’t capture your special moments. Keep your camera, extra memory card and charger. If you are the one who likes writing diary tyen tour diary is your best friend.


Mobile, charger and Power Bank :

Mobile chargers are must. They may help you through maps or to contact.  Have a power bank, incase of power failure it may help you.

Wallet, Cash and Credit cards :
Carry a good wallet. Though you have a number of standard credit cards, keep some cash and changes. You may need them any time.


Clothes :

Pack you cloth’s according to your necessity. If you are going to a hill station or cool place take few warm clothes along. Cap, scarf’s and jacket qre best suited.

Bag Pack :

Buy a good bag pack as it has to carry all your stuff.  And ofcourse you are going to shop at the new place….. Ultimately tour = shopping….

So ya that’s it….. What do you carry in your travel bag…..comment and leme know…

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