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Innisfree Vitamin C Sheet mask

Hey guys…hope you all are fine and im sure few of you would have njoyd holi sale by Nykaa. 

Ok then today I’ll be reviewing Innisfree’s vitamin C sheet mask. Lately, I have fallen for these Korean sheet masks. These mask sheets are very easy to apply and take it off.

Product Description :

Clear skin is just a step away with the Innisfree’s skin clinic mask vita-c. This fine delicate cotton mask with functional whitening improved benefits contains vitamin C derivatives to brighten your dull skill, leaving it looking clear and healthy. 

  • This 100% natural cotton sheet is made from soft cotton hairs around the cotton wool
  • It is transparent and thin and has good adherence on the skin,  which allows for its good substance to be more effective delivered into the skin 

Ingredients And Directions :

My Experience with the Product :

 These sheet masks come in a thick cover with foils coats in  the inner part of pack. There is another plastic sheet inside but I didn’t find the purpose of that sheet. The mask sheet was a little thick compared to that of strawberry sheet mask of same brand. 

This is a kind of affordable home facial and very less effort is required. Cleanse your face,apply toner and then go with the sheet mask. Remove it after 15 – 20 mins.

This sheet mask is as usually dipped in serum which has water, Glycerin lots n lots of oils like clove oil,  orange peel oil,  lemon peel oil, lavender oil, cellulose gum.

These oils combine and give a good glow to your skin.  In addition it also reduces the redness of small acnes and gives a soothing effect.

The Serum in this Vit c mask wasn’t as thick as strawberry mask. The moment I applied it gave a tingling effect with stopped after 2-3 mins. I hope this wasn’t usual. I guess it was coz of my pimples. The serum was more like liquid. The sheet mask had a strong cirtusy smell like smell of lemon leaves.

After 20 mins my skin looks very clean and bright. My face was not very sticky but thought I gave a slight tapping motion so that the serum could get absorbed well deeply. The original visible glow came into lime light only after 3 – 4. It left my skin well moisturised,  soft and supple. I had minut tan and it was gone. It does give your skin a healthy look gives a glow. 

To be frank it didn’t give that brightening look as mentioned but it did clean my face. And my skin looked healthy. But still I would prefer strawberry sheet mask over Vitamin C sheet mask. 

You can buy your ‘s from Amazon or from Nykaa

I hope this was useful. And if you are looking for a Sheet mask which just brightens and gives you a healthy looking skin then I must say… You should try this one.

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