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My Night Skin care Routine 

My Night skin care routine is quite simple. It good to keep it simple as skin need time for rejuvenation.

First step like always is cleansing. If you are amore of makeup person then first remove all your makeup with a makeup remover.. I Dont use any.

For cleanser I use La Roche Possay Effaclare Foaming cleanser. Well, its at its best. By end of the day, you need a master product which removes all the dirt and gunk from your face. Click here to read the  complete review.

Click on  La Roche Posay Effaclare Foaming to buy your’s cleanser.

 Acne Cream: 

I use La Roche Posay Effaclare Duo(+) as a spot treatment on pimples or acnes.

The La Roche Posay Foaming cleanser and Effaclar Duo(+) come in combo pack.. Check it out Here as Effaclare Anti – Blemish Kit.


Serum :

As I said I use serum because penetrates deep into the skin and works at its best compared to any cream basee product. I use Juicy chemistry’s Helicrysum and Rosehip oil serum (Cell Construction). And it really make my skin to glow next morning. For me it’, kind of liquid gold. It did fade my stubborn acne marks. Since I have been using this only form past two weeks soon ill post  a detailed review on it.

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Click Here  if you wish to get one for you.

Last step, i moisturise my lips with Himalya lip balm…


I hope my post gave you a hint of what  your  skin needs. Plan a good skin care regime for glowing and clear skin….

Let me know in the comment section about your favourites.

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