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My Morning Skin Care Routine 

Waking up in the morning with an oily, sticky face, a pimple on cheeks always irk’s every girl.  Morning should be always refreshing and yes….interesting….😎😎😎😉

So, I thought why not.. I should share my skin care routine.  And yes I may sound as if I have clean and clear one. But no, like every girl,  my skin is on troubled side.  My skin is sensitive, I have acne amd alot of stubborn acne marks.

If you want, I’ll also mention few products with there purchase links…


I start my day care routine with a cleanser. I always opt to paraben free,  soap free cleanser. I use Biotique neem purifying facial cleanser. Its 100% natural and chemical free. Its so mild, it takes alway all the excess oil and remove all the dirt. It gives a glow on to my skin.  It times it makes me go little dry. I would suggest you to use Biotiquewhich is best for acne prone skin. If  your have sensitive skin or dry, you can make use of bioderma as it suits all type of skins.

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Scrub :

Now, this scrub is not the one which I do on daily basis.  It should be done twice a week. As I breakout often, I am not on regular with this scrubbing thing. But I would recommend this to you because it removes all the dead skin cells. It will make feel fresh and you will have a youthful skin complexion. So it’s a must.

I use juicy chemistry rice flour ,orange and greean tea scrub. Its so natural, herbal and chemical free. And the best part its smells so good like its really refreshing. It works good on troubled zone in taking of excess oil and prevents occurence of acne.

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You can buy  Juicy Chemistry Rice Flour , Orange and Green Tea Scrub from Here.

Face Mask :

Usually dermatologist suggest face mask twice a week but I don think we could follow that. Mostly my weekdays are like rush hour story. So I apply a mask once a week or. Sometimes once in a month. It can be any face pack like multhani mitti, dead Sea clay, anti acne mask or any anti tan mask.

I use homemade mask,one with 1tbs honey, oat and cinnamon pack. Its really moisturising  and it makes my skin soft.  It also gives a healthy glow on to my skin. 

Acne Cream:

I use La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo(+). I take a pea size amount of it and spread it evenly. Days when I apply makeup I use it as a primer. I have done a separate review on La Roche posay Effaclar duo(+), If you want to read click here.


Click Here to purchase  your La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo(+).

It can be any cream of your choice or a bb cream if you are a college going girl or working women. 


Now, most of the dermatologist suggest to add serum in your skin care routine.  as serum are best when compared to creams. Creams work on top layer of the skin but serum go deep in to the cells and work for concern.

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I use Juicy chemistry serum Argan and Rose day serum. It claims to be natural sunscreen and moisturiser.Its been just two weeks since I have started using this but it showed commendable changes onmy skin. After using La Roche posay my skin becomes dry now and then.  As it restricts the excess oil secretion.  Tue Juicy chemistry days serum balances this dryness.  Trust me… It make my skin look supper dewy. My skin has become soft and supple after regular usage of this serum. It cost about 400 rps for 10 ml, its really affordable as it last for way long time like upto two months.

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Next step  is sunscreen. Use a good suncreen with minimum spf 30, PA +++. I use Lotus herbal uv suncreen matte gel. I have posted a separate review on this suncreen,. Read it from Here.

If you are more of a makeup person apply your suncreen above your primer and then apply your makeup.

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Lip Balm:

Last but not leas ,last step is moisturising your lips which is really most impostant one. Days i go out i use lakhme lip love lip balm and at home i use himalaya lip balm. Both are equally effective the only diferentce is former is tinted one and himalaya is just like normal lip balm.

So, This was my Morning skin care routine. Let me know your views about it in the comment section. if your like it ,do share it with your friends ..Give A  Like.. as it jus takes a click for you but means alot for me………😘😘😘😘😊

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